7 Key Reasons to Visit Queenstown, New Zealand


There’s more to New Zealand than just bungee jumping. Keep reading for 7 key reasons to visit Queenstown, New Zealand.

Queenstown, New Zealand may be the birthplace of bungee jumping, but the city has other exciting and intriguing things to do. There are places in Queenstown that will delight your senses and stir your spirit. There are also one-of-a-kind events in Queenstown that can inspire romance or exude charm and elegance.

The informational guide below will share information with you about some fascinating points of interest in Queenstown. There are even some interesting points of history about the founding of Queenstown, New Zealand. So hang onto your hat while we go over seven reasons your next trip needs to be to Queenstown.

History of Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown started in 1860 with the whisper of gold in nearby Arrow River, but by 1862 the whisper turned into a scream. In 1862 there was an influx of people who were looking for gold. The people were also starting to settle in the South Central Otago region.

Pretty soon, Queenstown became known as one of New Zealand’s most diverse, popular, and growing towns. The census reports the population of Queenstown grows by 30% every five years. That doesn’t begin to describe the growth Queenstown has during the tourist season when the city doubles in size.

Why is it that so many people come so far to visit and enjoy Queenstown today? When you read about these venues, it will be easy to understand the seven key reasons for all their visitors. What’s more, you’ll be amazed the reasons stopped at seven because there are many more you’ll want to discover yourself.

Reasons to Visit Queenstown, New Zealand

Many people have come to Queenstown as visitors and ended up staying as full-time residents. There’s something a bit magical about this resort town’s diversity, beauty, and wondrous landscape that pulls on your being.

#1 – Spectacular Skyline Scenery

You can go around the world and not find anything as majestic as The Remarkables mountain range. You certainly wouldn’t find anything close to the serenity and awe-inspiring beauty of Lake Wakatipu sitting at the bottom of the mountain range. If hiking, cruising, or Gondola Luge views aren’t your thing, take a drive up Crown Range Road between Queenstown and Wanaka. 

Crown Range Road is the highest main road in New Zealand, and its altitude reaches 1121 meters. The drive is a natural beauty, with virgin mountains, valleys, rivers, and glaciers. It’s a picturesque memory that won’t leave you anytime soon.

#2 – Lord of the Rings and Glenorchy

Glenorchy is a popular day trip from Queenstown. It’s at the north end of Lake Wakatipu and doesn’t have as many people as Queenstown, but does offer the same spectacular scenery. There are horse treks taken from Dart River Stables where you ride and take in alpine views that take your breath away.

Another famous day trip while you explore the area around Queenstown is the Lord of the Rings locations tour. There are many specialized film location tours where you can see the locations of countless feature films. Everything from The Hobbit to Wolverine was shot in and around the Queenstown region.

#3 – The Eighth Wonder of the World

Milford Sound is one of New Zealand’s top tourist attraction because it is a dreamy and picturesque fjord. The fjord sits in majestically peaked mountains with water such a deep crystal blue you can almost see the bottom. You have to take Milford Road to get there, and that takes you straight through the Fiordland National Park. 

You might want to cruise on Lake Wanaka on a boutique cruise boat. While listening to your skipper tell you stories about the beauty around you, look for Mou Waho Island. On clear days, you may think you can almost see forever. 

#4 – Pinot Noir Wineries

If all this activity is too stimulating, take the day off to visit some well-known wineries. It is Queenstown microclimate that makes cultivating grapes into vibrant wine with a bouquet of flavor. While Pinot Noir takes the lead, there are many Chardonnays also available during your wine tours in the Central Otago region.

The boutique wineries are in valleys with foothills of grape-leaf vines to explore. If you’re a wine lover, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to see, touch, taste, and feel wines that delight your senses.

#5 – History in Arrowtown

If history were alive, it would live in Arrowtown. Arrowtown was the gold mining town where the Queenstown gold rush started, and now it’s filled with the history of days gone by. There are art galleries and cafes on the street you can experience while you eat delectable treats.

If you listen closely, you might hear the rumblings of all those gold miners flooding the area to try to find their fortune.

#6 – White Water Rafting

If you’d rather do something other than sit and think about the history of a town, white water rafting may be more in line with what you’d enjoy. There are Category II and III rapids on the Kawarau River and Shotover River in the Queenstown area. First-time water rafters can experience both the Category II and III Rivers.

# 7 – Nightlife Bunker is Bountiful 

If you rarely come out in the day and prefer to do all your adventures at night, Queenstown has you covered. Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world for its daytime and nighttime adventures. Queenstown has world-class clubs and friendly pub tours. 

One of the first things you’ll notice about Queenstown is how friendly the locals are. You want to make sure you speak to the locals while your out and about because they couldn’t be more helpful and friendly. Plus, they may be able to share with you some of their favorite nighttime happening place you’ll want to check out.

Points of Interests Never End

There is no end to all you can see and do in Queenstown, New Zealand. If you want to be intrigued by a city that takes your breath away with its beauty and charm, you have found the right place to visit. Check out the rest of our website to discover other amazing places to visit!


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