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What qualities in a student make them achieve success?

We see that there are so many ways to describe a good student in these times. Online teaching especially makes it important to make them see the virtues in them. We see that the most common terms are hardworking, being good in academics, as well as submitting work on time, being regular, participating in-class activities, as well as achieving high grades. We see that apart from academics, some more qualities make a student good as well. We see that somehow we can figure out some more qualities like an ideal student is someone who uses their time helping other students as well as always is disciplined to make a difference in their school. The number one thing is Self-discipline which means to be disciplined means obey all the rules as well as regulations or values of behavior. If they perform and train themselves. We see that a disciplined manner will give them a new height of achievements as well as success in life. We see that self-discipline helps us to improve our personality and it gives us more chances to grow immensely as well.  We see that it keeps them determined as well. A student must be determined towards his or her academics or anything any work allotted to him either by parents or teachers at the same time. They must also work to be punctual in what they do. We see that for students time is more precious than money or anything. We see that Punctuality ensures that nothing is missed they are going through every lesson as well. We see that being punctual as a student is a very important part of a student’s life because it makes everything easier and it saves their time as well.  They also work to be courteous as well. We see that courtesy is a very crucial thing in student life one they understand to behave with courtesy as well as manner they will gain a lot of respect automatically. We see that students should be respectful no matter whether they are parents or teachers or maybe their classmates or anyone. We see that they have to learn this if they will give respect then in terms of reply they will gain respect as well as love. They also are good team players as well. We see that everyone is unique in his or her style, performing individually is not a big deal but performing in a team or caring for the team is a great thing. We see that it teaches us essential communication, and actively learning to listen and speak. They must also be confident as we see that to be confident is very important in anyone’s life especially in childrens’ life because they are learning step by step as well as they have to deal with lots of things. We see that self-esteem helps a student to choose the right and healthy choices to achieve their goals easily as well. We see that they are also responsible as students should learn to take responsibility for their actions that will make them responsible and confident throughout life. We see that now they are not preschoolers they have to understand the fact that everyone makes mistakes in their life as well. We see that making mistakes is no big deal the important thing is to take responsibility for their action instead of blaming others as well. We see that a school is a perfect place for a child to grow socially, mentally, as well as academically to lead a successful life as well. We see that good is also brave at the same time. We see that brave kids are going to be the ones who take risks as well as amass experiences. We see that they can use those experiences powerfully in their learning and growing. We see that they quickly establish what they love as well as loathe and then they are more likely to create a life they love. We see that they are also going to be the students who take learning risks that lead to lateral, out-of-the-box thinking as well. We see that the world needs that kind of thinker. We see that bravery is about taking on daunting challenges; feeling the fear and doing it anyway. We see that bravery is not the absence of fear. We know that sometimes when we talk to our kids we say, such as Don’t be afraid or don’t be silly as well, as it’s going to be fine. We see that this implies that fear is something to be ashamed of. We see that fear is human and to be expected, but it also needs to be overcome as well. We see that that won’t just happen by magic as well. We see that it comes with modeling, teaching, and explaining as well. When they Teach online, it covers all the important aspects that are needed. We see that a high school student can study as many as nine different subjects with nine different teachers as well as nine different sets of expectations. We see it is impossible to thrive under those circumstances unless a child is highly organized as well. Fortunately, we see that an organization is something we can teach as well. We see that we can also employ aids like diaries, planners, and study schedules at the same time. We see that learning happens slowly and consistently as well. They must take for example the process we went through when we learned to read.  We see that there were steps, from holding a book the right way up to recognizing letters to phonetics, as well as years of practicing and finally fluency.  We see that it’s not that hard to learn to read for neurotypical kids, but they do have to develop building blocks as well as commit to regular practice. We see that it is the willingness to practice that contributes to success as a student.

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