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What You Need to Know Before Choosing an Online Casino Bonus

There are so many bonuses available at different casinos and slot games that it often leads to misunderstandings and unnecessary stress. This is even more common when new players don’t know anything about them. If you’re a new player and just registered at an online casino, this article is for you. What happens when you see a welcome bonus message? What does it mean? Is it just clickbait, or do these bonuses really exist?

Another vital thing to note is that all bonuses have a playthrough requirement before you can cash any earnings. Take a look at the most important things you should know about online casino bonuses and which ones you should go for.

What is a casino bonus?

The online casino bonus is an offer that the online casino makes to attract and entice new customers. Depending on the casino you’re registering at, these bonuses most often come in free coins, spins, and even sometimes real money. They are a great marketing tool that casinos use to stay ahead of the competition and invite new players to play. It’s also one of the main reasons why many bonuses differ in types and amounts. For instance, the welcome bonus is the most popular type of casino bonus available to everyone who registers at an online casino for the first time. However, the welcome bonus is not the only one you can expect if you’re a newbie. Other bonuses include:

  • Casino bonuses for different countries around the world
  • Reload bonuses which happen when a player adds money to their casino account
  • Referral bonuses when a player registers using another player’s referral link
  • Loyalty bonuses

Another thing that’s important to mention is that bonuses usually have conditions and requirements attached to them so that the players don’t simply take the money and leave the casino. 

Is it necessary to claim these bonuses?

Many new players can find these bonuses quite an abstract notion. This is one of the reasons why every player should go over online casino bonus guides, as these can be exciting and rewarding. Bonuses often let you play your favorite game without spending any money at first, but apart from that, they have other exciting benefits such as:

  • The players will be able to try out the casino website without paying anything at the beginning, as they will be spending their welcome bonus,
  • The players will be able to try new games in the online casino without fearing that they will lose their money,
  • The players will have the option of earning money by just spending their welcome bonus.

However, to get the bonus, it would be good to know how they work and what things they need to bear in mind:

Check the bonus percentage

First and foremost, don’t forget to check the bonus percentage and the maximum bonus amount. Although most casinos match the first deposit by 100%, these differ from casino to casino. On the other hand, others can go to 150% or even 200%. This will help you calculate your first deposit amount. 

Always review the terms and conditions

All bonuses must be quickly transferred to your bank account, as they must be into real money before you start using it. This process is also known as the “wagering requirement”, and it’s why the players have to check and review the terms and conditions before playing. This is especially important for new players as they don’t know what they can expect. Learn how to calculate and compare wagering requirements before you start to play.

See if there’s a maximum withdrawal

Checking the withdrawal limit of the online casino you’re playing is also important. While some casinos have a withdrawal limit of 3 times the initial deposit point, others offer more rewarding conditions and can have a withdrawal limit of up to 5 times the initial deposit amount.

Know the time limits

It’s not a secret that casino bonuses often come with time limits, so it would be good to use all of the bonuses within the set time limit. This limit differs from case to case – for welcome bonuses, for example, the most usual time limit is 30 days. This means that you will have to use this bonus in that period. However, other casinos offer a time limit of 15 days, so it would be good to check that so the rewards don’t go to waste.

Notice the number of free spins

Once you sit at an online casino, apart from the welcome bonuses, you might get free spins on your first deposit. This can sometimes even be 200 free spins, which is an excellent number in gambling. Always check which slot machines give you the most free spins and which ones have no wagering requirements. The latter is not very common, but it’s an incredible advantage.

Know that you can always decline your bonus

You don’t have to accept the bonus the casino is offering you always. Although this can eventually affect your earnings, and it might mean playing extra time to earn more, you can always decline the bonus if you don’t want to go through the wagering process.


These are the most important things to know before choosing an online bonus. If it’s your first time playing a game at an online casino, knowing which practices are the best is good. Make sure to play small at first until you get its gist and understand how the game works.

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