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Is a distance MBA better than a regular MBA?

Given the changes in the educational landscape during the pandemic, online studies have become a popular option for students keen to pursue higher education. Distance MBA has always been preferred by professionals keen to get ahead in their career.

One main reason behind the popularity of distance MBA is the feasibility it provides to those who have to balance work with studies. Technology has integrated itself to various aspects of everyday life and education is one of them.

The approach to education has changed a lot in the past few years where online programs now hold the same value as on-campus programs. In such a scenario, it is not surprising that distance MBA has taken precedence and become a valuable means of career progression.

Is distance MBA the same as regular MBA?

A distance MBA and regular MBA only differ in terms of mode of learning. Both the degrees carry the same value and would help you land high paying jobs at reputed organizations. Even employers give equal consideration to the two degrees as they are aware of the changes in the educational field and how technology has shifted learning preferences.

According to a research done by Forbes, online MBA students have started outnumbering full time MBA students. Online learning has become so popular in the U.S. that it has drastically shifted the MBA landscape.

The pandemic has certainly played a major role in putting the focus back on online learning and further promoting the popularity of online MBA. The disruption caused during the lockdown put a stop to on-campus learning and online became the only mode of education.

This also gave many students a chance to reassess their professional choices and make use of online MBA to further grow in their career or even change their career path.

Given that the curriculum for online and on-campus MBA does not differ and technological changes has allowed for the inclusion of better learning tools, both the degrees will bring equal value and make you prepared for better job prospects.

Choosing the right online MBA

While an online MBA remains an amazing option for professionals as a flexible and affordable program that is just as impactful as a regular MBA, one has to be careful about the selection of the right MBA program. Here are some important factors that you must keep in mind before choosing an online MBA.

Reputed university

Among the most important criteria to look for in an MBA program is the university. You have to select a university that is recognized as only then will the degree be of any value to you.

An accredited degree

The other important factor to keep in mind is that the degree has to be accredited by a recognized institute. Only an accredited online MBA will be accepted by the employer and can be useful in landing well-paying job roles. A degree without an accreditation is not of any value in the job market.

The curriculum

Before applying to an online MBA program, it is important to go through the curriculum and ensure that all the important topics are covered. Write down your learning requirements from the program and ensure that the MBA curriculum covers it.

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