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What is the Difference Between Mass Media and Journalism

If you have always dreamt of a future in the media industry, you need to choose an appropriate course after 12th grade. And if you didn’t know already, you can choose to take a Mass Media or a Journalism course. Both these courses teach students the basics of bringing news to common people. Additionally, both equip you with excellent communication skills and open doors to many opportunities. So, which one should you choose?

In this blog, we go over the differences between the two courses in detail. This way, you can be rest assured you picked the right course.

Difference between Mass Media and Journalism

  • Definition

By definition, Mass Media involves the study of communication channels through which information gets transferred. But in practice, a Mass Media course equips you with practically the same skills as a Mass Communication course. It deals with communicating with the general masses through news, films, advertising, the internet, and more.

Journalism, in contrast, focuses on reporting information as accurately as possible to the masses. It is a subcategory under the umbrella of Mass Media communication.

  • Nature of Work

As a Mass Media professional, you’ll have to broadcast any kind of news appropriately. You can work on content based on facts, politics, history, fiction, and more. So, as a Mass Media professional, you can also exercise creative freedom.

Journalism is based on evidence, facts, and statistics. Any information communicated should be clear and easy to understand as well. Naturally, the scope of creative freedom in journalism is limited. Besides, journalism is a fairly demanding career since it requires keeping up with the latest news and trends, meeting deadlines, and more. That said, anyone can become a successful journalist equipped with the right skills.

  • Career Opportunities

Mass media professionals have successful careers in the public relations sector, advertising, corporate communication, media academies, and more. Some Mass Media professionals also become radio and video jockeys, news anchors, social media managers, etc.

Career opportunities in journalism include roles at reputed news agencies and media houses. This includes work at newspapers, radio channels, news portals, and magazines.

Which Field to Choose?

If you’re someone who hasn’t chosen a career path or someone who wants to learn everything there is to communicate with people in different settings, enroll in a Mass Media course. It will teach you the basics of communication across different channels and give you exposure to far greater career opportunities compared to journalism.

In contrast, a specialized journalism course is perfect for you if you know you want to be a practicing journalist in the future. After all, a dedicated course will equip you with all the skills you need to thrive in the competitive field of journalism.

The Takeaway

Looking to make strides in the media industry? Then enroll in a media course from a reputed institute like Pearl Academy. Such courses will not only teach you hard skills but also give you exposure and training from experts in the field. Not just that. Many courses also offer excellent internship opportunities to help you create a stellar CV. Gear up for your Mass Media course admissions today!

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