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10 Simple Ways to Improve Instagram Engagement in 2022

At the end of 2021, Instagram had surpassed two billion monthly users. This was quite a feat for the social media channel that had stayed in the background of Facebook for years.

Now considered a “giant” in the social realm, it’s only natural that businesses would want to take advantage of what the platform offers.

If you have started using this platform for your business, that’s great. However, if you don’t see the engagement and results you hoped for, you may wonder what you can do.

The good news is that there are several ways you can increase Instagram engagement, such as learning how to collaborate with influencers, use relevant hashtags, and more.

Keep reading to learn more about Instagram marketing and how to increase your engagement.

Know Your Audience

Creating quality content is difficult if you don’t know who it targets.

Your target audience’s demographics will determine the type of content you should post. It will also help determine your brand voice and what times and days you should publish.

Post Consistently

Brands must be active to attract followers and increase their engagement rates. The question you may have is – how active?

The “sweet spot” for Instagram is to post one to two times per day.

By doing this, your feed will remain fresh and relevant. You will also have more opportunities to get more people to see your content.

It’s also important to know the right time to post on Instagram.

The right time will vary based on what source you use. In most cases, testing at different times to see what works best will pay off.

You can also use an Instagram engagement rate calculator to see how your posts do at different times.

Experiment with Different Types of Content

It’s possible to share content on Instagram in several formats. You can use Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, IGTV, carousel posts, and single-image posts.

If you vary the types of posts you publish, it will allow you to see what your audience engages with most often.

Studies have proven that carousel posts have the highest engagement rates of all types of posts. There are particularly high rates for posts that include a mix of videos and images.

However, what is working for one business may not be effective for you. You can’t treat the engagement studies as the end word.

You can read more here about this.

Use Instagram Stories Stickers

Instagram has given users another way to leverage Instagram stories. This is by using Instagram Stories stickers.

With these, you can encourage viewers and followers to engage with you. This will help you create a more loyal following that is more connected to your brand.

With stories, there are several fast and easy ways to use stickers. These include things like emoji sliders, quizzes, countdowns, questions, and polls (just to list a few).

An effective and engaging use of Instagram Stories stickers is the question sticker. This allows you to have a direct conversation with your followers.

With this, it’s possible to prompt your followers to ask questions on a set topic. You also have the option to open the floor entirely.

One option is by hosting an AMA or “ask me anything” session. This was a popular trend in the early 2000s on Reddit and is now seen on Instagram.

Most users are surprised at how much engagement they receive from adding a small question box. Remember, Instagram users want to feel like they are part of something bigger.

If you open the floor to questions, it’s an effective way to do just that.

After collecting all the asked questions, be sure to answer them.

Every time you have a follower interact with one of your stickers, it is engagement. This makes it a fun and effective way to increase Instagram story engagement.

Avoid Preaching and Focus on Telling Stories

Instagram is full of brands and businesses that have forgotten its purpose as a “visual inspiration platform.”

With this in mind, you need to captivate your audience by using text, video, and images, rather than just preaching your latest marketing message.

If you want to increase your engagement, become a storyteller. You can also create “micro-stories” through your profile, videos, captions, and Instagram stories.

Today, more than ever, people want a connection. Storytelling is an effective way to create this experience.

If people feel like they are emotionally connected to your content, they are more likely to buy into what you are saying. They will also be more likely to share the message.

One method of using storytelling in your Instagram strategy is by sharing user-generated content that resonates in some way with your brand. Another option is by telling stories in your captions.

Creating longer captions that include authenticity and storytelling elements is extremely powerful. They help your brand seem more “real” and “human.”

These also make it possible to build deeper connections with your target audience.

If you get this right, quality captions that tell a story will stop scrollers and increase engagement with your post.

Don’t Become Hyper-Focused on Likes

It’s extremely tempting to focus on getting as many likes as you can. However, this isn’t the only metric on Instagram you should pay attention to.

In the past, the main way you measured engagement was by follower counts and likes. Today, though, you should look at shares and saves.

Likes are now considered passive. Many people scroll and double-tap without really thinking about it. However, there are other metrics you can look at on Instagram that let you know if anyone is engaging with your content.

Some examples include:

  • Commenting
  • Sharing
  • Saving

Too many brands make the mistake of not looking at saves and sharing. One of the main reasons for this is that they aren’t seen publicly.

If you can’t show something off, does it really matter?

In the case of shares and saves, it does. These metrics let you know who cares about your content and let Instagram see that people care.

When Instagram sees that people are sharing and saving, they will ensure your posts continue to show up in these individuals’ feeds.

Be Authentic

When using social media, you need to be honest and relatable. This is more important than being perfect and polished.

Be sure to share content that isn’t just your latest marketing message and let people get a glimpse “behind the curtains.”

Create and Share Relatable Memes

Everyone loves a good meme.

These are creative, relatable, and funny. Being reliable today is a must.

Instagram users want to feel like they are heard and seen. With the right meme, your audience is more likely to like, comment, and share the posts you create with people they know.

No matter your industry or niche, you can create and share memes.

Build a Stronger Brand

Consistency, creativity, and clarity are essential for building brand awareness on Instagram. Having a haphazard or erratic approach simply won’t be effective.

You should try to focus on more core areas, such as presenting your profile or building style patterns to ensure images look fresh. You also need to learn how to use hashtags the right way.

Creating a roadmap for your process will help you present a more consistent and “put together” image for your brand and your target audience.

Start a Conversation

You shouldn’t just put content into the world and expect it to be fawned upon. You have to give people the chance to talk to you – back and forth – like in real life.

Be sure to include questions or even a call-to-action in all your posts. This will encourage viewers to comment.

Asking a question is an effective way to “break the ice” and encourage people to talk. Just be sure that you are talking back.

Now You Know How to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

As a business owner, you understand that being present on social media, like Instagram, is a must. It’s a great place to find new followers and reach your existing audience.

However, if you don’t see the results you would like, then using the tips above to increase Instagram engagement is highly recommended. With these tips, you can get higher engagement levels, regardless of the size of your business or industry.

Did you find the tips and information here helpful? If so, be sure to take some time to look at the other blogs on our site.

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