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4 Reasons Why Getting on the YouTube Trending Page Is Important

Did you know that Dream was one of the most popular YouTubers last year?

Dream entertains his audience of almost 30 million subscribers with speed runs through video games. His content is regularly featured on YouTube’s trending page. While it may seem impossible at first, getting featured on this page should be one of your channel goals.

Are you wondering if it’s even worth it? Keep reading to learn all about 4 reasons why getting on the YouTube trending page is important.

1. Expands Your Branding Opportunities

As a brand, getting on the trending page provides you with many more opportunities to work with other businesses. Whether you’re looking for sponsorships, affiliate possibilities, or something else, being featured on the trending page can prove that your channel is influential.

When you pitch branding ideas to businesses, you can mention how many times you’ve been featured.

2. Demonstrates Popularity

If you’re worried about your channel becoming a thing of the past, creating a YouTube trend can breathe new life into everything you do. It also demonstrates to your audience that your channel remains relevant even to this day.

There’s no getting around the fact that people are often only interested in the content that many other people are celebrating. Getting on the trending page is like an announcement that your channel is worth looking into because so many other people love it.

3. Boosts Your Exposure

While it takes momentum to get featured as part of the YouTube trends page, you’ll see even more momentum once you get there. It’s easy for even the greatest videos to get buried under a mountain of other videos, but the trending page puts you near the top.

That way, people who may not have ever had a chance to hear of your channel will actually get to see it for the first time. There’s no better way of expanding your audience than that. To improve your exposure more, you should stay on top of the most searched thing on youtube.

4. Makes Your Channel Appear Legit

Put in the simplest terms, YouTube doesn’t feature just any channel on their trending page. They’re very particular about that because they don’t want to promote questionable or illegitimate channels.

With this in mind, being part of an online trend also acts as a badge of legitimacy. This will make more people comfortable with checking your channel out. They’ll also be much more likely to hit the ever-important subscribe button.

Ready to Get on the YouTube Trending Page?

Now that you’ve learned all about 4 reasons why getting on the YouTube trending page is important, you can take the necessary steps to get there. Getting there the first time is always the hardest, but it’ll get easier with more experience.

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