5 Business Process Management Solutions for Small Companies


One of the keys to succeeding in business is to increase business value by finding more cost and labor-efficient ways to deliver high-quality products and services. To that end, companies all over the world are turning to technology to improve business processes, customer experience and relationships, and marketing efforts.

Business process management (BPM) is a discipline that employs humans and machines to make better business decisions and improve business operations. Continue reading to learn about some of the uses of business process management solutions and how they can help take your business to the next level.

1. Business App Development

Many companies develop their own applications that meet the specific needs of their company and customers. However, data integration, workflow creation, and app functions have to be consistent across different business platforms for business users to benefit from them.

TIBCO is one of the world’s leaders in data science, and they offer low-code platforms as a business process management solution to make workflows easier to follow and mitigate data bottlenecks. Furthermore, with the right BPMS tools, developers can create templates and checklists that govern the development of their apps, streamlining processes and creating the atmosphere for workflow automation.

2. Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Intelligent process automation is one of the most exciting developments in data science and artificial intelligence technology. Robotic process management (RPA) is a specific sector of IPA that uses machine learning and automation to collect and adjust to present market, customer, and production realities. Intelligent process management enables machines to perform many of the same cognitive and repetitive tasks as humans—only better.

3. Business Process Optimization

Agility and optimization of best practices are essential to providing small businesses with the ability to scale their operations and data assets to meet present realities. With the right business process management suite, you get tools like advanced analytics and CRM that help companies optimize business processes and recognize and fill specific business needs.

The main benefit of business process optimization is that it helps companies to maximize their finances and human talents by identifying inefficiencies in business practices. When you trim the fat from repetitive, inefficient, and unnecessary business processes, you create a more wholesome environment in which you can enhance the customer experience and cut operational costs.

4. Team Member Production Optimization

Even though BPM is a discipline that relies heavily on data analytics and automation, there is still a large human component to business process management. After all, it’s your human workers who carry out the vast majority of essential business operations.

One of the ways in which business process management systems and human workers go hand-in-hand is production optimization. Not only can BPMS be used to enhance best practices, but it’s also a powerful tool for maximizing workforce performance. With the right BPM platform, you can get insights into the production of specific team members as well as identify their strengths and weaknesses.

5. Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Building relationships with the right suppliers is critical to providing your customers with great value as well as procuring the best raw materials and other resources. Through business process automation, you can get up-to-the-minute insights into the optimal suppliers in your industry and improve your inventory management and product offerings. You can even use artificial intelligence and RPA to make supply chain decisions without human intervention and ensure you always have the most cost-efficient and reliable supply chain possible.

Business process management isn’t a new discipline, but many business process management software offerings and methodologies are on the cutting edge of data science. With the right business process management tools, you should see continuous improvement in workflow inputs, project management, and many other essential business processes.

Furthermore, business process automation and workflow automation enable companies to enhance human interactions and customer experience without human interference. As you can see, BPMS provides a straightforward approach for small businesses and their complex processes.


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