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The pandemic significantly impacted the restaurant industry, leading to a sharp increase in food delivery orders. The lockdown enabled food delivery apps to quickly earn users’ trust, grow their presence in the market, and become truly indispensable for the modern lifestyle. Food delivery apps are a hot topic right now, and there are no signs for a change so far. In this article, we will give you five tips and tricks on how to make an on demand delivery app.

Delivery Apps – a gold mine in disguise

If you type in Google “how to create a food delivery app,” more than 831 million results will appear. What is the reason? Well, according to BusinessOfApps.com, US food delivery app revenue has almost doubled over the last years – from $13.7bn in 2017 to $26.5bn in 2020. But what makes food delivery apps so tempting that many entrepreneurs are looking for a way to develop food delivery apps?

  1. Increased demand for deliveries due to the lockdowns -some people just can’t be bothered to cook. Coronavirus lockdowns allowed them to take cooking lessons and get back in the kitchen — but that doesn’t mean they want to. Consumers can now order food when they want it, not when they have it, thanks to fast delivery services.
  2. Multiple ways to generate money – for many businesses, one revenue stream seems enough. But if you create an app for food delivery, you can benefit from commission fees, delivery charges, and paid advertisements.
  3. Loyal customer base – many clients prefer to have different meals and have a wide selection. If your app attracts restaurants that offer various meals and cuisine types, your clients will regularly purchase from your app.

How to create a food delivery app

If you want to create your own delivery application, there are some tips and tricks that you can use for your practice.

Tip #1: Follow the industry trends

To succeed in the food delivery space, you need to track industry trends and discover new distribution opportunities by monitoring social media and implementing chatbots to provide customers with high-quality customer service — all while maintaining an innovative standpoint.

Tip #2: Pick a niche and select your ideal customer

Knowing your target audience is central to developing a killer food delivery app. You should know who will use your product, and you need to understand what they want to deliver a seamless solution. You can define your ideal customer by applying different demographic criteria.

Tip #3: Select your features

Ideally, you’ll know exactly what your mobile app will be like and how you’re going to build it before you start. But sometimes, this isn’t the case, especially when developers face a complex task. Picking a partner to create delivery app for you might be the right option if you’re unsure which features to include.

Tip #4: Choose the technology that the app will use

Before you begin your journey to finding an app developer, be sure to have a clear vision of the functional specifications and end solution. Your mobile development team will need to consider UX/UI, visual prototypes, and other elements that may affect the technical aspects of the app. Having a clear vision of the result will help you find a company that will efficiently work through any challenges.

Tip #5: How to make an on demand delivery app on a budget

It’s no secret that there aren’t that many experts who know how to build an on demand delivery app. Unfortunately, some professionals charge a whole lot to create a project. The good news is there are outstaffing agencies that do not charge much. They have big teams that can allocate resources.


Food delivery apps are the current hot trend in the tech industry. And although they enjoy wide popularity, many of them try to offer an array of services to target a broad range of users. However, by narrowing your focus to a particular niche market and giving your customers a unique feature-rich experience, you will gain a loyal client base – and this is how to make an on demand delivery app that will have a big chance for success.


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