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5 Ultra-Effective Ways to Drive Audience Engagement

Around 70% of online businesses fail because of bad usability. They do not take the needs and desires of their audience into account. It’s so frustrating because if you are a business owner, that is something you have total control over.

Having good audience engagement means you have loyal fans. It means free word-of-mouth marketing and more repeat customers. You want to do everything you can to keep your audience engaged!

Not too sure how to engage an audience or how to boost audience engagement? Here are five audience engagement strategies you can start applying to your website today!

1. Improve Your Content

If your website doesn’t have good content, you don’t have hope in hell of improving your audience engagement. There should be great content on your landing pages and your blog posts.

It can be difficult to think of great topics for articles that have good keywords and are relevant to your niche. Don’t be afraid to research your competitor’s sites for ideas. Ask others in your business for input.

Your website’s content should also be in a large font, have short paragraphs, and display other media to break up the text.

2. Encourage Discussion

Engage your audience in the conversation by allowing them to have their say. Share your website’s blog posts on your social media pages, add a comments section, and install a live chat feature.

Writing “unpopular opinion” or “this or that” posts will spark discussions too.

3. Increase Your Site Speed

You will never improve audience engagement if you continue to frustrate them. Now you have great content, you should make it as easy for them to access that content as possible.

Check a few of your website’s top-performing pages on tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights. If they take over three seconds to load, follow the tool’s suggestions to improve site speed.

4. Streamline Website Navigation

Another thing that will frustrate your audiences and compel them to leave your website is bad website navigation. This isn’t where you should “get creative” or reinvent the wheel. Audiences only want to find the content they want where they expect to find it.

Keep website menus either at the top or to the left of your page and the search bar on the right. Categorize or tag your content with the appropriate labels. Add your privacy policy and newsletter sign-up forms to your footer.

5. Add More “Calls to Action”

What’s better than your audience having a positive engagement with a page on your website? Engaging with more than one page, of course!

At the end of each web page, you should be suggesting more content that your audience might like. Include internal links to other pieces of content where it’s relevant in the middle of your page.

Always offer somewhere else your audience can visit on your website to keep them there as long as possible.

High Audience Engagement Means Higher Sales

Increasing audience engagement on your website is a worthwhile task. Higher audience engagement increases your number of loyal fans. This almost always leads to more income.

So if you follow these tips, you will no doubt soon be able to enjoy all three.

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