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5 Unsettling Characteristics of a Nightmare Tenant

You can end up with a nightmare tenant even with a solid tenant screening process. You have to have to get creative with how you scout prospective tenants.

Written communication alone will not get you acquainted with your tenants.

Meet potential tenants in person to get a feel for their personal qualities. A conversation will help you pick up on red flags that will snowball into larger issues in the future.

Keep reading to learn about five unsettling characteristics a problem tenant may have.

1. Drama King or Queen

We all have our moments when things are not going our way. But beware of tenants who are constantly in a frenzy.

Misery loves company, so make sure you are not the special guest.

A dramatic tenant will make your property feel like a circus. They ruin the community vibes for fellow tenants.

Current tenants may think twice about lease renewal because of their chaotic neighbor.

2. Issues With Cleanliness

Dirty tenants can destroy your property and cost you plenty of money in repairs. Minor cleanliness issues can go undetected and lead to disaster.

Tenants who do not keep common areas clean also neglect their homes.

They tend to have filthy bathrooms with clogged drains. And the kitchen usually has oil stains on the walls and food crumbs on the floor.

Filthiness leads to tenant issues like a pest infestation, and exterminators cost a fortune.

3. Problems Collecting Rent

We will fall on hard times at some point, so occasionally your rent payment will be late. But the problem is when a tenant is not honest about their situation.

You have a serious problem when a tenant avoids you when their rent is past due.

You could end up in a financial bind trying to collect rent from an unresponsive tenant. I would sell my house fast to cut my losses and save money on legal fees.

4. Maintenance Issues

Ask the prospective tenant if they got their security deposit back from their last landlord. Their answer will let you know if they took care of their last space.

There are damages that a coat of fresh paint cannot fix.

Encourage your tenants to submit a work request as soon as any issues arise. But too many requests for repairs can be a sign of property mishandling.

5. Unaccountable

Your tenant needs to be able to accept constructive criticism. It takes a lot of effort to engage with someone who lacks self-awareness.

You are not running a daycare, so a tenant should not be upset every time you mention an issue of concern.

Ask if they can think of an instance where they could have shown up better. End the conversation if they try to paint themselves as a saint.

Avoiding a Nightmare Tenant

The person you least expect can be a nightmare tenant. Market to the right audience to attract an ideal tenant.

Check out the Advertising & Marketing section for tips on how to market your property.

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