6 Unique Gifts For Children of All Ages


Gifts are a unique way of showing your love and care towards children, and yet a great medium to help them grow and develop. Giving gifts is a very kind gesture to express your care and affection towards someone. Children love gifts. And if you give one to them, they will forever be grateful and lovable to you too. But if you are wondering what to gift, then below we have listed down 6 unique gift ideas that you should not miss out on. And can get easily from a baby online store.

  1. Clay Kit

Clay kit is a gift that any children would love to receive. So, clay is the best gift that you could ever think of gifting a children. Gifting a clay is the best idea because they prove immensely beneficial for growth and development in children. Research has proven that it has many therapeutic benefits over other toys and games. It plays a vital role in improving hand-eye coordination and encourage problem-solving skills by encouraging them try several times again when they make error, and also helps in inculcating the value that every mistake can be re-paired if they try one more time. So a clay kit is one of the most unique gift.

  • Board games

It’s a very unique game that you can opt for gifting a child. It is proved to many health improving benefits and also add joy in the life of children. Be it a ludo, snake and ladders or any board game that you choose, but you can never go wrong for choosing it as your gift. Board games is a great medium to teach children problem-solving, teamwork and patience. Board games contribute largely in increasing brain function by exercising and stimulating brain areas for decision making. Children can play such games to relax, release stress and creating a cheerful and happy atmosphere around themself. If they are so awesome, then why not choose to give them as a gift.

  • Jigsaw puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle is a great game to pass time and also a great gift to give away. Jigsaw puzzle is the most popular game among children of all generation, and certainly anybody would love to receive them. Children use it as a source of having fun and entertainment, but it also plays a major role in brain development. Solving a jigsaw puzzle helps children develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills which further adds up to boosting logical reasoning ability and strategic thinking.

  • Piggy Bank

Gifting a piggy bank is a great idea, and certainly the best gift you could ever think of giving. Giving a piggy bank is not only the best way to encourage children to save money, but also teach them ‘how to save money’ so to help them become independent adults when they grow up. Gifting piggy with an intention will always make children remember that saving money and using them effectively should be their top priority. It is one of the best baby toys online that you must buy.

  • Books

Books are the most essential gift that you must think of giving to children. Along with adding calmness in their life, they also induce reading habit. Books are considered as the best friends of human being as they fill our mind with knowledge and helps us stimulate imagination and curiosity. Reading stories help children to be more thoughtful and creative. The children who read always become good writers and communicators. If books are so great, then why not think of gifting them.

  • Building Blocks

A set of building block is best gift to help children express and explore themselves. It is a great tool to help them improve their hand-eye coordination as children have to place blocks one over another to form a tower. Building blocks help children improve their fine motor skills and spatial awareness. So it’s a very unique gift for children.

Above mentioned is the list of some unique gifts that you can think of while gifting. But, in case you are gifting for little children, you can also gift some of the best nappies, bracelets, toys or sunglasses to make children more happy and excited.


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