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7 Menu Signs to Add Flavor to Your Restaurant

If you’re hoping to be among the 70% of small businesses still churning away after 2 years, you need to impress your customers. And if you’re in the restaurant business, you might need to focus on more than the food. When you’re creating indoor and outdoor ambiance, some fresh signage can go a long way.

Read on to learn about 7 menu signs that will add flavor to your restaurant!

1. Announce Your Menu with a Banner

What better way to spotlight a top-selling entree or classic meal than with a banner? The beauty of a banner is that it will be made of a durable fabric that can withstand the elements. At the same time, it can be folded and stored when you don’t need it.

The scale of a banner makes this type of sign an effective way to broadcast your business. Just make sure to use enough contrast between the background and text to grab someone’s attention. For instance, if you’re spotlighting a new handmade lobster ravioli, you might want to use white text against a bright red background.

2. Make Bold Menu Sign Boards

When you’re sketching out your restaurant’s business plan, make sure to reserve plenty of funds for your marketing strategy. And trust that you can’t go wrong with bold and vibrant signs announcing your menu items. Sometimes getting to the point with a simple combination of striking lettering and contrasting colors is all you need.

And skip the flowery script and serif text options. With bold signs, you want simple lettering choices.

For example, highlight your lunchtime burger combo by writing the price in bright orange against a deep navy background. Bullet out what comes with it, too, for a clear way to share a top-selling menu item.

3. Catch Someone’s Attention with an A-Frame Sign

Do you have some sidewalk space in the front of your restaurant? Especially if you’re located in a business restaurant or commercial district, A-frame signs can be effective. These signs flare out from a central axis and can sit directly on the ground.

A-frame signs are sturdy — and an easy choice when it comes to menu signs. With some plywood, hinges, and a drill, you can construct one yourself. And once you have the base structure established, you can attach new content to it whenever you want.

Hire a graphic designer to create slick and readable menus to affix to the plywood. Or use hand-lettering for a quaint style that lets you personalize the signage more easily.

4. Go with a Digital Menu Sign

Nothing catches someone’s attention quite like the neon glow of a digital menu sign. You’ll instantly pull someone toward a digital sign since digital screens are such an integral part of daily life. With digital signs, you gain the opportunity to take your paper menu and project it on a much bigger screen.

Restaurant digital signage also allows for flexibility. You can illuminate your breakfast menu for the first part of the day and then switch to a lunch menu. You can list individual items with prices and then transition to a screen that shows off a specialty item.

Digital signs are a clear and professional way to share what you offer with your audience. Go with text that is readable from a distance. And choose colors that will be easy on the eyes.

5. Try Hanging Menu Signs

For some old-school charm, go with hanging menu signs. If you run a diner or rustic restaurant, these classic menu displays will enhance the ambiance of your space.

Use black text against a white background for a modern look. Or go with black text on shiplap or pine boards for a woodsier vibe. In any case, you can use hooks or string to suspend these menus for all to see.

6. Use Window Signs and Decals

Does your restaurant have windows? Windows are the perfect form of real estate for menu signs. You can get removable decals that share your menu selections with passersby. Just be sure you’ve oriented the text in the right direction!

For a more homemade look, use washable window paint to spell out some of your new menu selections. You can change out items to highlight seasonal entrees or baked goods. Best of all, if you stick with writing, you won’t completely cover the glass.

7. Get a Custom Mural for Your Menu

When it comes to menu sign ideas, you may want to up the creativity. If premade templates or slick designs don’t fit your eatery’s vibe, try something a little more customized.

For instance, you may run a coffee shop in a small town or artsy side of town. This is the perfect setting for a handcrafted mural that shares your shop’s menu items. You could hire a local artist to do the work and support your community in the process!

An artist with good handwriting could map out your menu of drinks and quick bites using chalk on a chalkboard, as one possibility. Someone who paints well can add whimsical depictions of menu items to the walls behind the counter, too. Get creative to make a splash and keep your customers coming back!

Find the Best Menu Signs

The right menu signs can jazz up any restaurant. Look into traditional options, like A-frame signs, banners, and bold menu boards. Or change things up with a menu mural or elegant digital sign.

For more tips on building a better business, check back soon for new and informative articles!

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