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Barricades: Meanings, Uses and Types

Safety barricades are a crowd managing method used to control and manage the public and prevent them from entering a ‘no entry’ area. It is also the most utilized way to ensure the safety of people at large events and gatherings.

You must have seen these barricades in various public spaces, including construction sites, accidents or crime scenes, roadblocks, concerts, or any public event to prevent the public from entering. You will find online websites with barricades for sale and available in different types and for different usage. Based on the requirements and potential, they are available in various sizes and materials.


Barricades have many usages that involve creating a safeguard from the crowd and taking precautions to avoid any injuries and accidents, which is common when people join a group and try to enter a space. Its primary use is in construction sites where heavy machines are used. They act as a sign not to enter these spaces and protect workers from heavy traffic. There are other uses, including,

  • Traffic barricades for stopping the traffic from entering any area or road.
  • Barricades are used in sporting events, schools, accident scenes, or public venues.
  • Used in parks, parades, or public events.


  • Steels– This is one of the strongest barricades made of steel. It is perfect for controlling crowds and pretty safe for use. It is made of stainless steel so no one can break the restricted area. It is ideal for handling crowds and does not leave scratches or stains on the barricade. It is best for outdoor events and can be painted in different colors based on the need, making them more versatile and long-lasting. They also come in hooks that attach to one another, creating a long barrier. Online sellers offer steel barricades for salein different sizes based on the need.
  • Pedestrian– As the name suggests, pedestrian barricades are used to control pedestrians in traffic and on roads. In situations where large crowds gather, like concerts or similar events, these plastic barricades are used.
  • Expanding- These barricades are made to control a big crowd of hundreds and thousands of people. It is made of plastic or metal and can be stretched from one end to another with pull levers. They are also known as expanding barricades that come in different lengths and materials.
  • A-Frames– Also referred to as folding barricades, A-shaped barricades are regular on construction sites as it is easy to keep and remove when required. It is easily foldable and made of triangular joists similar to board signs used in restaurants to show the menu. The main reason to use an A-frame barricade is that it is lightweight, smaller in size, and can be managed by one person. You can quickly remove it, as it is foldable, and storing it is easy.

Barricades have many usages, but most are used as a safety measure to avoid accidents or injuries. If you want to purchase barricades, visit online businesses that provide great deals.

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