Best Free PDF Editor Tools In 2021


PDF editor tools can help users make changes, both small and significant, to their PDF files that are not typically found on free PDF readers. Not only can users add or remove text, graphics, images, and other design details, they can also convert their PDFs into other file types to make them easier to handle, send or edit. There is a wide range of online tools that let users perform many other tasks such as letting them split PDF files into multiple pdf files or even things like allowing them to merge, split and secure PDFs. These online tools come in a variety of formats from strictly browser-based or downloadable programs for desktops and mobile phones. They also come at different price points with some being free to use while others charge a premium. 

Merge and Split PDF Documents

The act of merging and splitting PDF documents is important because PDF files come in various sizes. It is also a crucial feature to have with PDF documents as it lets users decide which parts are important and which are not so they can delete them to create a more compact version. 

Users can have several PDF files with multiple pages but only require a few relevant pages or passages. Rather than sending out these large files with multiple pages electronically and rather than using the old-fashioned method of photocopying those relevant passages into a hard copy, the merge PDF feature and the split PDF feature of many editors simplify this entire process. 

The process often boils down to uploading or Dragging and Dropping a specific PDF file into an editor and pressing the Merge or Split PDF button on the control panel. Every editor has its own unique interface. For example, All PDF, lets users upload their files and then lets them select the pages that need to be deleted. 

After the editing portion is complete, they can simply press Split to receive the new document. The same goes for merging PDFs. Users can upload as many PDF files as they want, remove the unwanted pages and then press Merge to create the brand new file from the undeleted pages. 

 Combine Multiple Documents Into One PDF

While merging and splitting PDFs often reduces the size and length of large PDF files, sometimes users need to do the opposite and combine several files into one massive file. PDF editors also enable this function on their platforms and offer the same kind of functionality that makes them easy to use. 

Combining multiple documents into one PDF can be done in several ways. It may require users having to convert other file types like Docs, Sheets, or Microsoft Word and Excel files into PDF format to be able to combine them all in an application. Once they have converted those files, it comes down to uploading those files into a PDF editor and merging them all into one new file. 

Convert PDF Documents

There are two conversion types when talking about PDFs. There is converting another file type into a PDF and there is converting a PDF into another document type. But why convert a PDF at all, if it is the preferred method of sharing and viewing all documents? Converting a PDF into another file type may sometimes be necessary to make it easier to edit and share with others. 

Even though PDFs are widely accessible and do not require a recipient to install or download any new software, they may be difficult to edit or make changes in their original format. Many users find it easier to simply convert a PDF into a more universal format like a Doc or Word file so they can make changes to the document and then convert it back to a PDF file with those changes in place. 

The same holds for turning another file type into a PDF. For those instances when a document needs to be shared with a wide group of people or made public, converting a Word or Text document into a PDF becomes an easier way to distribute the file without having any compatibility problems on the back-end. 

Secure a PDF 

The securing of a PDF file is another important element in the range of editing functions that PDF editors offer. The need is obvious. PDF files can often contain private, confidential, and sensitive information that is not for public display. While these documents can be shared with authorized persons, they are usually first password-protected so that only people with the password can protect them. 

Adding a password to a document usually starts with the file itself, as many PDF editors allow users to install a password either at the beginning or when they have finished creating the document. But, some PDF editors can also let users add a password whenever they need to by uploading the file and adding a password that way. Conversely, there are also unlocking features on many editors that let users who have forgotten or lost their password unlock the document without having to enter one to open the file. 

Annotate PDF Files

Annotating PDF files is important for many different types of users. Students and teachers at the higher education level can easily communicate via annotations left on a PDF document. Businesses can make annotations to important documents when necessary to clarify an obscure figure or add more context to a specific data set. 

Several PDF editors enable users to make editorial changes, which is the equivalent of leaving comments on a Doc or even writing in comments in the column of a published paper. Annotation is important because it does not require a user to have to convert the PDF into an editable format and lets them insert notes and other comments directly into the page. 

The online pdf to jpg converter quickly transforms PDF files into JPG files. Formatting, hyperlinks, and other file properties are also converted.


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