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Brilliant Reasons to Consider Making a Move to Greenville

If we’re honest, we all want to reside somewhere that provides us with the best quality of life. Whether you’re a city person or you prefer somewhere a little quieter, the area you choose to buy a property and live really does matter. For those looking to relocate to South Carolina, Greenville is screaming out to be heard! This city is known for its friendliness, charm, and has so much to offer for those who call it home.

Whether you’re a young professional, family, or looking to retire, Greenville is a friendly city that has an energetic spirit that all age groups will love. Before making your mind up, here are several reasons why you should consider moving to Greenville.

Greenville has its own international airport

Great Location

One of the many benefits of life in Greenville is that it’s well-connected to the surrounding states. For example, if you move to this city, you are always a number of hours away from the East Coast and its stunning beaches. Greenville is also halfway between Charlotte and Atlanta. These are the South’s urban hubs. What’s more, Greenville has its own international airport! This means if you’re moving from afar and want to visit loved ones, you’re not too far from an aircraft, meaning you can jet across states to catch up with your nearest and dearest.

Mild Climate

Another draw Greenville offers is a mild climate all year round. Housed in the northwestern area of South Carolina, Greenville’s climate is lovely throughout the whole 12 months. During the peak of summer, expect an average of 90F, while the fall and winter months are cooler and short. Very rarely does it dip below freezing. For those who love the great outdoors and lake activities, Greenville is particularly delightful between September and October, especially as temperatures average in the mid 70s.

Properties for All Budgets

Of course, we all want to get good value for money when buying a property. The good news with Greenville is you can achieve just that! EZ Home Search may be able to assist you with purchasing a Greenville home. They have an extensive list of homes for sale in Greenville that come attached with varying price tags. Whether you can afford to splurge on something big or prefer something quaint, EZ Home Search are experts in real estate Greenville.

Growing Economy

If you’re moving to Greenville for work, you’ll be happy to know the city’s economy is growing year on year. This up-and-coming destination continues to bring a selection of industries to the area. Thanks to its excellent workforce and low tax rate, Greenville has attracted Fortune 500 companies like GE, Lockhead, and 3M to establish offices dotted across the city. This has created tons of job opportunities for budding professionals. Greenville is also home to some of the state’s best hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as universities, like Bob Jones University which attracts students from all over the country and world!

Charming Downtown

A stroll to downtown Greenville has everything you could possibly desire and more. From designer shopping to live music, fine dining to festivals, there is truly something for everyone In this city. There’s always something exciting taking place in the city, especially in the downtown area. The great thing about downtown Greenville is it’s pedestrian-friendly. This means you can enjoy the tree-lined Main Street without the worry of cars getting in the way! Visitors and locals can enjoy outdoor plazas and sidewalk dining, not to mention performance venues and art galleries. Whatever hobbies you have or how you like to spend your free time, we can guarantee you’ll be a frequent visitor to the downtown spots!

Impressive Culinary Scene

If you’re a foodie, Greenville has you covered. Known as one of the south’s tastiest towns, this city’s food scene is gaining national attention. There are over 1,000 dining options to feast on in the county, with 110 of them being situated right in downtown. Wherever you eat, you will discover a diverse range of cuisines such as traditional southern favorites like BBQ dishes to modern treats made from local, fresh ingredients. There’s also an abundance of bars and local breweries that provide tasty craft beer that you can enjoy.

Friendly Locals

Greenville is a city that prides itself on its friendly locals. Whenever you move somewhere new, there’s always the worry you may not fit in or gel well with the residents. Thankfully, you won’t have this problem in this city. The Greenville lot are truly a friendly bunch! Whether you need directions or advice on where to visit, there will always be someone around to welcome you and help you settle in.

It’s easy to see why many people make the move to Greenville each year. If a huge bustling city isn’t what you’re after, Greenville may be the perfect spot to call home. This city may be small in stature, but it’s certainly mighty in charm.

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