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Common types of pest infestations in Madison, MS.

In Madison, the average climate remains warm throughout the year. At the same time, this makes the summer and even the winters more enjoyable as you can head outdoors. But, this is also the perfect weather for pests and insects to grow and breed in, meaning your home is at risk of an infestation throughout the year in Madison.

While it is easy to deal with pests visible to the naked eye and on the surface level, the main challenge is to eliminate problems from the source, especially the smaller ones like termites or silverfish.

Termite infestation is a challenging issue that many homeowners deal with. If your house becomes infested with termites, it is not an easy task to get rid of them without the help of professionals.

So, you must contact a company dealing in pest control Madison MS. A reputed company will have the know-how to trace the origin or the source of such infestation and eliminate the pests from the source rather than doing a quick fix. Doing pest control at regular intervals makes the house less susceptible to pest infestation.

Here are some kinds of pest infestations that people living in Madison, MS, have to deal with.

  1. Flies

Flies are a kind of insect only that belong to a different order. Flies are classified as insects that have one pair of wings. These insects serve a crucial role in the ecology as a pollinator, but unwanted flies in and around your home can irritate you and spread diseases.

Flies are infamous for spreading diseases like rotavirus, cholera, typhoid, and E.coli. Moreover, if the flies enter your home, they can infect your home.

A fly bite can also lead to bumps on your skin that cause rashes and irritation.

Even the smallest fly infestation can multiply, and your house can become a breeding ground for them if you do not find a permanent fix for the problem.

If you notice a small cluster of flies regularly in or around your home, it is an early sign of an infestation.

  1. Bed bugs

You will be surprised to know that bed bugs are found everywhere except in Antarctica. These bugs sustain on blood which they prefer to derive from warm-blooded mammals and humans.

A bed bug infestation can quickly become a nightmare because these bugs reproduce very often, and they live for a long time as well. Your house will become a breeding ground for them, and a single female bug lays eggs daily. The hatching of these eggs and further laying eggs can exponentially increase the number of bed bugs on your property.

  1. Ants

Madison is a city with warm temperatures, and it has been deemed the greenest city in the United States. Ant infestation is very common in places close to nature. While it is a good thing, this also translates to frequent ant infestations.

While the ants do not carry any diseases, you do not want thousands of ants crawling over your food. Blackhouse ants are notorious as they will munch away your food if you do not store it in air-tight containers.

Besides, other types of ants like red ants can also sting humans and cause rashes on the skin.

DIY methods will remove the ants temporarily, but the ants you see inside your home are just the tip of the iceberg, as there are far more ants in the tiny colonies inside the walls or the foundation of the house. A professional pest control company will find the colonies and will remove the ants from the source.

  1. Termites

The average price of a home in Madison is around three hundred to four hundred thousand dollars; however, the value of a house can significantly drop if it’s infested with termites.

In the United States, termites can wreak havoc on a property, and every year millions of Americans face damages to their property because of termites.

Termites feed on wood, and they work around the clock to feed on the wood in your house. You will not even be able to notice any signs of damage because of termites until it is too late to fix it.

On average, a termite infestation causes the damage of at least ten thousand dollars to the property.

So, to save yourselves thousands of dollars in damaged furniture, you must contact a company providing pest control in Madison, MS.

These are some of the common infestation problems that people living in Madison have to face.

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