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Everything You Need To Know About Slots


From the sound of the reels spinning to the symbols popping up, slot games are iconic casino games familiar to all. Slots are known for their simplicity, and the idea that a single spin can win you a fortune is what keeps everyone so attracted to this game. This article contains everything you need to know about slots – from their history, winning strategies, and the basic mechanism. And after you’re finished with this article, try your hand at playing slots and compare these offers to increase your winnings.

The history of slot machines

Making its first appearance in a New York gambling house in 1981, slots machines were initially created to automate the game of poker. But due to poker’s complex nature, the slot machines were unable to fully mechanise the game. 

Slot machines only donned their current form in the early 1900s after Charles Fey revolutionised the game. He made the mechanism really simple – the game is played with just three reels and it only contains five symbols. Its simplicity now allowed the machine to calculate wins according to the symbol sequence. Soon after, Fey’s liberty bell slot machines gained popularity and were found at every corner of the country. 

Eventually, electronic slot machines were developed and followed by a video slot machine created in 1976. In the same era, slot machines were introduced as a casino game across the globe and soon gained their position as a casino classic. 

Finally, online slots games are the digital version of the classic slot machines. They replicate the exhilarating experience of the physical slot machine for users to play at the comfort of their own homes. The greatest benefit of an online casino is its convenience – users can simply log in from their desktop at any time. Adding on, the entire game can be played with a simple press of a button too.  

The winning strategy 

First, we need to establish that there is no definite strategy that can give you an absolute win when playing slots because of its randomness. However, there are still strategies that can influence the chance of winning significantly. 

The best advice we can share will be to set your goals right and identify which slot machine fits this goal. Before you start pulling the lever, you should first set your goal – whether you are here to play for fun, to get a higher winning, or to strike a jackpot. Next, you need to do your research on the various slot machines and their quirks. This process guides you in finding the right slot machine that can best serve your needs, enhancing your overall experience. If you are looking for a large jackpot, try opting for a progressive slot machine. This machine has a network with other machines, then it pools the placed bet into the “global” pot that acts as the jackpot. Most online slot sites operate with this progressive type, so users are competing with global players to win the attractive jackpot.

However, players should also remember to play within their means. If you are strapped for cash, consider playing machines that have more frequent but smaller jackpots or play games that have a higher chance of payouts. Finding the right slot machine that matches your playing style will give you the competitive edge which is the ultimate winning strategy in slots.

Understanding slot machines

To play slots well, you need to understand how the machine works. We will elaborate on some of the slot’s unique features that can be better utilised to raise your winning chances. 


It refers to the line that strikes across the symbols reflected on the screen. The line indicates if there are any winning combinations based on the symbols you’ve gotten. Since the paylines are the first thing to observe after each spin, it serves as a helpful tool that can help you understand the outcome better. 

The traditional slot machines used to have a total of nine paylines cutting across the reels. But modern online slots now have more paylines, with shapes like triangles, that increase the possibility of getting a winning combination. 

2. Wild symbols

These are the rare symbols that have a special effect that differs across machines. They might appear at any column, and players can anticipate what these symbols have to offer! 

3.Hand Pay 

When your winnings exceed the physical machine’s capacity, the casino’s attendant will bring the remaining winnings by hand. This phenomenon is referred to as ‘Hand Pay’.

4. Bonus

Being one of the most distinguishable features of the slot game, bonuses influence the outcome greatly. When you spot a number of bonus symbols on your screen, it brings you into a bonus round – in this round, you receive some free spins with additional winning conditions. These can come in the form of a bonus prize and multipliers. 

As bonus rounds differ across slot machines, you might even encounter machines that are equipped with a specialised bonus game. Upon completion of the bonus game, players may win cash, credits or bonus prizes. 

Being the most attractive element of slots, many machines work to differentiate from others in their bonus offerings or mechanism. Hence, we encourage players to experiment with different machines. 

5. Free Spin 

Being a common feature in every slot machine, users can access free spins when they successfully score the required number of symbols. Furthermore, players can earn more free spins if they obtain more symbols in their spin. During this free spin, players can win additional prizes like more spins or goodies. 

Each machine contains multiple triggers that give you a free spin, it is up to the player to study the machine prior to playing. 

6. Variance/volatility

The term refers to the difference between a slot machine’s chance of payout and its amount. Thus, a “high variance” machine implies that the chances of winning are lower but the yield is higher. 

Picking a high or low variance machine will strongly impact the outcome of your pulls. As guidance, players are encouraged to select the variance level according to their financial capabilities. Beginners should start with low variance machines because it pays quicker, even if the amount is little.  


Despite their perceived simplicity, slot games possess multiple additional features like bonus rounds that keeps them entertaining. It is recommended for players to heed advice from this article to ensure that they have an enjoyable time playing this game. 

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