Five Things You Need to Know About Naoki Urasawa ( Momoster )


Have you watched the first Naoki Urasawa YouTube video? If not, you should! It’s hilarious and worth the watch! Here are five things you need to know about this Japanese musician. You’ll also find out why he’s become such a success. Until you see his first video, you may be wondering where he got his idea. Thankfully, Naoki Urasawa’s first video is now available on YouTube.


Naoki Urasawa’s first YouTube video

Earlier this week, legendary manga creator Naoki Urasawa announced that he was creating an official YouTube channel featuring his artwork. In his first video, titled “Manga Artist Urasawa Naoki is Starting a YouTube Channel,” the manga artist sketches out his new channel’s banner in less than 15 minutes and explains his goals. The channel will feature interviews with other manga creators as well as live drawing sessions.

He Offers some Tips 

His latest video, titled “Drawing with a Ruler: Drawing the Basics,” is a good place to begin if you’re just starting out. Urasawa demonstrates how to draw straight lines using a ruler and a mesh. He also offers some tips on how to improve as an artist. To learn more, visit Naoki Urasawa’s YouTube channel and subscribe!

His Works has Earned him great Acclaim

The artist has been creating manga professionally since the 1980s, and his works have earned him great acclaim. 20th Century Boys and Monster are among his most popular works, and are often the subject of art exhibitions and conventions in Japan. His most famous manga is Monster, which won numerous awards and was adapted into a critically acclaimed anime in 2004. Regardless of which work you’re reading, Urasawa’s artwork is sure to delight you.

He is making his mark on the YouTube community by creating believable characters

After being recognized by many international artists, Urasawa is now making his mark on the YouTube community. His first YouTube video was a comedy, called “Master Keaton.” Urasawa has become a popular YouTube star, and has since published several manga titles, including the critically acclaimed series My Little Prince. The creator of the popular comic series has even collaborated with many artists, including renowned American illustrator David Fincher.

The artist is a master of creating believable characters. His protagonist Kenji projects himself as an independent rebel, but he is actually a hardworking musician. His villain Johan is a cold psychopath who blends into the background of the town’s residents. The entire series is a masterpiece of animation and manga creation. With more than a million views, Urasawa’s debut on YouTube is already a hit with both new and old fans.

He also Made two Live-action Television movies (  Momoster )

His other work includes manga and anime. His first manga series, Momoster, was published in November 1994 by Viz Media. The series spawned an anime television series and was adapted into an animated television series in 2004. After Momoster was published, Urasawa wrote “21st Century Boys” and “Akira” – two of his most popular manga titles. He has also made two live-action television movies, The Ghost and the Dark Horse, which are both now in high demand.

The Momoster, the story’s setting and the characters are equally intriguing. The story follows a highly-skilled Japanese neurosurgeon who works in Germany. Tenma’s philosophy focuses on the fact that life is precious, but he also happens to work in a hospital that doesn’t share his beliefs. This unwittingly gives life to the Momoster This Momoster resides in the hospital’s basement.


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