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FN-Herstal Military Grade Guns: A Buyer’s Guide

FN is one of the most iconic gun manufacturers in history, made famous by the legendary FN FAL rifle, and over 3 million were produced! This fantastic Belgian rifle was the UN peacekeeper’s weapon of choice in the second half of the 20th century.

The popularity of the FAL made FN a legend among manufacturers of small arms, and their designs have since continued to amaze civilians and military personnel. Their other famous military-grade guns include the M249 LMG and the SCAR rifles.

So did you know you can buy FN handguns for self-defense? Keep reading to find out why military-grade self-defense weapons are the best buy on the modern gun market.

Semi-Auto vs Revolver, Safety in Numbers

There is a raging debate over which handgun variant is better for self-defense. Revolvers are hardly ever unreliable, but pistols can carry way more bullets. It is true that pistols jam more frequently, but that often comes down to a lack of cleaning, bad maintenance, and poor-quality ammo.

Revolvers carry fewer bullets, which makes them less useful for defensive shooting. In stressful situations most people aren’t accurate shooters, so you may need the extra bullets in the clip. Having a semi-auto handgun is the better choice for self-defense.

FN Handguns

When we’re talking about a self-defense pistol for the average person, we have to look at size, reliability, and ease of use. FN-HERSTAL offers some of the best contenders in the self-defense market.

The FN-509 handgun has a 17-round capacity. That puts it in the ballpark of the Glock 19, which is an American favorite for self-defense. The difference is that the FN is smaller, which makes it easier for conceal or open carry, as well as to draw.

It’s small enough for people with small hands to use. They also have a standard 24-round magazine as an extra. Having this gun loaded with the bigger mag as a backup means you’ll be prepared for moderate to severe situations.

FN Semi-Automatic Rifles

Pistols are great for personal defense, and you’ll rarely need more even for home defense. However, owning and learning to use a semi-automatic rifle make you a far more effective protector if that’s the role you fulfill in your family.

the FN FAL was a popular automatic battle rifle in the 20th century, and FN built many great quality rifles for civilians and militaries on those original design principles. Some people like the original SAFN (semi-automatic FAL variant) for nostalgic reasons, others prefer modern alternatives like the SCAR 17s (308.) and SCAR 16s (223LR).

Military Grade Guns for Self-Defense

It is your right to protect yourself and the ones you love with lethal force if necessary. The old saying is that it’s better to have a gun and not need it than to need one and not have it. Get yourself a legal sidearm or rifle from FN, one of the best gun brands, and make sure you’re protected.

What makes military-grade guns military-grade is that they’re reliable and affordable. Making informed consumer decisions based on these principles is one of the best habits you can form.

Find out about more best-buying practices by checking out the rest of our blogging catalog.

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