Get Passive Income with Infatica SDK Monetization


Infatica is a functional addition to your software on Windows, macOS, or Android, designed to collect non-confidential data about application users and further automated access to such information by community members. Most applications today are aimed at ensuring that users of sites or programs can hide their real location or IP address, while the huge proxy network Infatica can accurately determine IP addresses and other open data. At the same time, mobile app developers can take advantage of SDK monetization and receive stable passive income every month.

What Is SDK and How Does It Help Developers Earn Money?

The SDK is a functional add-on to an application for Windows, macOS, or Android. Initially, such software products were created to fix and improve mobile apps, add mining options and capabilities to them. Today, the SDK is also becoming a profitable tool for additional product monetization, especially when it is offered to the end consumer for free.

There are two main ways to monetize:

  1. Collecting information about users for further use of this data in the detailed setting of advertising campaigns.
  2. Displaying ads within the application when moving from one level to the next or getting some internal resources, which are initially paid.

Both methods can be combined in one SDK.

Advantages of SDK from Infatica

Infatica has developed its functional addition based on the principles of data safety and security, automation of the maximum number of processes.

Partners of the Infatica network, when giving consent to the processing of data, can count on the complete security of their devices and personal or confidential information since the network doesn’t abuse its capabilities. On the other hand, customers who use the Infatica network for commercial purposes are subject to rigorous vetting.

Why Choose Infatica SDK for Monetization?

The Infatica SDK differs in that it is compatible with other SDKs and doesn’t interfere with their work. Thus, developers receive additional income. The add-on doesn’t overload the user’s device, almost doesn’t take up space in the device’s memory, and doesn’t drain the battery. Coupled with careful adherence to the rules, it becomes a useful tool to monetize your products.


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