How IMANA is trying to make world a better place?


Thousands of organizations around the world are working for human welfare. Some are providing medical care, some are providing food and water and some are working for literacy of individuals. The main aim of these organizations is to help the needy and make this world a better place for everyone.


Islamic Medical Association of North America:

Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) is one such organization providing healthcare to indigent people around the globe. Their aim is to provide first aid to people suffering disasters, healthcare to needy communities and medical training to doctors and paramedical staff.

What does IMANA do?

IMANA has medical relief program for underserved masses and emergency relief program for victims of catastrophe. Their medical professionals are providing best medical assistance to sick people in 37 countries around the world. Their trained doctors and paramedical staff are taking part in many medical care activities around the world. They are working tirelessly for the welfare of people around the globe.

IMANA is Islamic Medical Association in North America, they are also providing training to physicians and medical student to better understand their Muslim patients. Many medical majors are getting training in IMANA for how to best treat their Muslim patients. This is to ensure that medical procedures are according to the teachings of Islam and consider permissible for Muslim patients. In this way, Muslim patients can get treatment without worrying about the religious restrictions. This will also help increase the credibility of doctor.

Islamic Medical Association of North America has launched program of world medical relief. They are providing emergency first aid to people suffering catastrophe, providing basic healthcare to neglected communities and helping sick indigent people around the globe. There are many medical professionals including doctors, physicians and paramedics who are voluntarily working with IMANA to help the ones in pain. IMANA is also building free clinics for poor people around the globe. They are also teaching the poor illiterate communities about the need and benefit of cleanliness and sanitation. All these measures are taken by IMANA to ensure that the people of this world are healthy and safe.

Aside for medical care IMANA is also providing mental health services. They have recognized the need of mental health care in this era where one out of every five adults is suffering from some sort of mental issue. They are providing mental health service especially to Muslim community. The mental health program is absolutely free of cost and any individual who feels he/she is suffering from mental problem can consult the mental health professionals of IMANA. This is a very crucial measure taken by IMANA to ensure not only physical health but also mental health.

Achievements of IMANA:

Islamic Medical Association of North America has treated 3,030,000 patients so far. 1,000,000 individuals get benefit through humanitarian treatment. IMANA achieved 214 medical and surgical missions. They are providing their medical relief services in 37 countries of the world. 30 health centers are built and there are 94 emergency medical response teams in IMANA. All these medical services are provided free of cost to indigent people who do not afford the expensive medical treatment.

Purpose of IMANA:

The main aim of IMANA is international health promotion. Their main goal is to promote health, prevent disease and maintain good health in communities around the globe. To achieve this goal they have launched emergency relief and medical relief programs. Their medical professionals travel around the world to provide medical treatment to suffering human beings. IMANA is working tirelessly for the health and eradication of disease at international level.

The healthcare providers of IMANA visit indigent communities and provide quality medical care. Moreover they provide access to safe environment, fair medical facilities and wellness. Their cause is to relief the pained souls and give them a healthy life.

The main pillars of IMANA are heritage, compassion and trust. The principles of this organization are transparency, integrity and diversity. Their behavior is accountable, respectful and dedicated toward their cause. All these combine to make Islamic Medical Association of North America an ideal organization working for wellbeing of humanity.

IMANA are currently working to provide quality food to poor and to eradicate hunger. They have launched new program in Holy month of Ramadan i.e. Ramadan Meal Program and provide meal to 150 indigent people of Afghanistan each day. If you want to be part of their cause, you can donate money or if you are medical professional you can join them in providing healthcare to those who can’t afford it.


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