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iKnowMed EMR vs AdvancedMD EMR Software!

I Know Med EMR Software:

Mckesson, a Fortune 500 company, offers the I Know Med EMR to oncology practices of all sizes. The parent company acquired I Know Med EMR in 2004 to improve patient experience and provide higher-quality care to cancer patients. To eliminate the need for generic solutions, the company developed this oncology EMR system in collaboration with oncologists.

Oncologists, in particular, must purchase reliable medical software. I Know Med is an oncology electronic medical record (EMR) system with several advanced features. Thanks to specialty-specific content and user-friendly interface, clients are satisfied with the software.

iKnowMed Features:


You can create patients’ medical records in a centralized database and constantly update them. You can also share this comprehensive database with oncology care providers from all over the world. This feature, according to users, is worth the I Know Med price.

Thanks to this two-way exchange of meaningful data, you can make knowledgeable decisions and take timely action to resolve foreseeable issues. Other programs, such as the Oncology Care Model (OCM), the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System, etc., also help.

Patient Portal

My Care Plus is an I Know Med patient portal that enhances patient engagement and accessibility for oncology patients. All of a patient’s medical records, diagnoses, and treatment plans are accessible. In addition, attendees can use the information to follow the progress of their loved ones.

Patients can also be given educational content specific to their illness to help them better understand their condition and treatment options. To ensure that patients get the most out of the portal, it includes video modules. The I Know Med demo gives you a live demonstration of this feature.

Medication Management

Another significant I Know Med feature is the medication management tool that aids you in making well-informed choices. In addition, inventory levels, real-time pricing, integrated voice

functionality, custom reports, and other platform features benefit you. These features add to the system’s overall efficiency and make the drug ordering process as simple as possible.

Everything oncology practice needs to treat patients more effectively and efficiently is available in I Know Med. Having all of your information in one place, making purchasing easier, providing easy access to credit, careful financial management, and improving business intelligence are just a few benefits.

Revenue Cycle Management

One way to guarantee that your business continues to grow is to understand your cash flow patterns and revenue cycle. I Know Med EMR offers Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), charge capture audits, E/M chart reviews, contract variance analysis, and ICD-10 documentation reviews, among other services.

Overall, with the help of I Know Med EMR revenue cycle management, you can easily manage your billing. The procedure becomes extraordinarily straightforward and efficient. It also helps with administrative workload reduction.

Reporting and Analytics

With the help of I Know Med oncology practice analytics, you won’t have to worry about reports and analytics because the software recognizes their importance and handles them quickly.

The I Know Med EHR’s analytic capabilities are excellent, and it ensures that the overall process runs smoothly. As a result, the efficiency of the task is improved and the time spent is significantly reduced compared to when you did it manually.

AdvancedMD EMR Software:

Various medical specialties can use AdvancedMD’s electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management software. In addition, you can access patient data from anywhere on the internet, thanks to the cloud-based interface. The software’s various capabilities and features have changed the healthcare industry, according to AdvancedMD EMR reviews.

With a modern, user-friendly design and robust capabilities that you can tailor to your practice’s needs, AdvancedMD is one of the most comprehensive cloud-based EHR Software solutions available. It also comes with several templates for different types of healthcare organizations.

AdvancedMD EMR Features:

Updated Dashboard

The AdvancedMD dashboard gives you a quick overview of your clinical and administrative data. The ‘donut filters’ help you prioritize your activities by allowing you to personalize which information you want to see first. Using the donut filter associated with it, you can learn more about it.

On the AdvancedMD dashboard, you can see charge slips, prescriptions, clinician comments, photos, lab test results, and more. Overall, the AdvancedMD dashboard provides a complete environment for patient data management.

Easy Appointment Scheduling

In AdvancedMD’s appointment scheduling function, you can register a new patient with a single click or select an existing one. This tool also sends patients text messages, phone calls, and emails to remind them of upcoming appointments. During the AdvancedMD EMR demo, you can get a live demo of how this feature works.

Electronic Prescription

According to AdvancedMD EMR reviews, the software has a robust e-Prescription feature, which allows doctors to write prescriptions for patients quickly and securely. AdvancedMD also has a Surescripts integration, allowing you to view a patient’s insurance and previous medications.

Revenue Cycle Management

AdvancedMD uses clearinghouses, and the fee is included in the software’s subscription price. The costs are automatically transmitted to the billing module once you sign the clinical notes on the EMR. AdvancedMD can also help you get quick payments on outstanding amounts by interacting with credit card processors.

Furthermore, the AdvancedMD reporting function provides a comprehensive overview of your practice’s performance and clinical data from your patients. The reporting tool also allows you to create customized medical billing reports, which can help you improve the financial success of your business.


According to AdvancedMD EMR reviews, you can communicate with patients from anywhere in the world using the telehealth solution. It is a user-friendly feature during times like the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients can schedule virtual appointments through the patient portal.

Furthermore, telehealth allows you to communicate with patients via video conferences and provides high-quality care.

Bottom Line: Who takes a Trophy Home?

iKnowMed vs AdvancedMD EMR? The answer depends upon your practice and its specialty. You can schedule a demo to dig deeper into each software and decide which one fits your needs best! Another way is to read user reviews on various websites to learn what current users have to say about the software and its pros and cons.

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