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Is Aha Software the Right Call for You?

About Aha Software

Aha software is not a new entry into the world of project management or work management software but has been around for quite a while. The software was developed in 2013 by Chris Waters and since then has steadily grown in both success and popularity as well as in functionality. The Aha software aims at solving any issues with work and project planning. Currently, the software seems to have succeeded if the hundreds of thousands of users are anything to go by.

The software has a number of features which make it great; from the customer service to breaking down projects into smaller tasks; everything is sublime. In this piece, we will be going over several features in this software which make it great. If you are currently torn between the idea of getting Aha software or not then perhaps we can help. Apart from opting for an Aha software demo, we want you to read this review and consider whether the software will be the right choice for you! So if you want to learn more about Aha software, then keep reading!

5 Most Talked About Aha Software Features

Create ‘Features’

The first feature in Aha software we would like to tell you about is the ‘features’ feature. This might confuse you but this is what the feature is called. The software has a feature which allows you to break down your tasks into smaller tasks and hence make the entire project more easy to execute and complete. The feature really allows you to ensure that the project is done on time since you can break it down into smaller tasks which can be assigned to multiple people and hence does simultaneously. This really allows you to save time when it comes to executing a project and hence this feature really is a wonderful tool in your belt!

Create Roadmaps

The next feature in this software we think we should highlight is the roadmaps feature. The feature allows you to break down the project into smaller tasks and organize the tasks in a comprehensible and organized way. The feature allows you complete control so you can create the roadmap however you please such as in a Gantt chart or a calendar view; whatever is preferable for you and your team. The software really allows you to choose how you will be planning your project and hence only gives you the tools to make project planning easier instead of forcing you to adhere to its pre-set planning preferences!


The next feature we feel the need to highlight for Aha software is the collaboration feature which really allows you to work on a project as a team like never before. With this feature, you can add everyone working on the project on the same dashboard so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to collaboration. The feature allows for team members to be able to upload tasks on the software so when someone is done with their task they can simply upload it to the software and then everyone on the team can view it. This feature really helps save time since now team members do not have to separately mail everyone on the team an update but team members can instead keep themselves updated on their own time which is very helpful.


The integration feature in Aha software is another feature we feel the need to mention. This feature essentially allows you to integrate various tools and software you might otherwise use in your business. So if you use microsoft teams of communication or perhaps use a calendar app then you can simply integrate it within your software. This helps you to ensure that you can update everything from the same place. Having to update each project management software individually can be quite taxing and hence this feature really allows you to save time and make things much more efficient than before!

Aha Software Cost

Now we come to arguably one of the most important aspects of determining whether a software is right for you. The software cost! With Aha software, we want to tell you about the pricing straight out so you can decide for once and for all whether this software is right for you. The software has an increasing price model wherein the price increases with each tier of the software. The cheapest tier of the software costs $59 a month and the most expensive version costs $149 a month.

The most expensive verison of course, is the top tier version which gives you access to all the features in the software. However, of course not everyone can afford the more expensive version!

Is Aha Software a Solid Choice for You?

Now we come to the final part of this piece; is the software even a solid choice for you? Well, only you and your team can determine that but we can help you make your own conclusion. We suggest you make a list of all the features you would ideally want in a software and then figure out whether or not this software would cater to those needs.

We also suggest you read as many Aha software reviews left by users. Users who have used the software for a couple of years or more are in the best position to tell you whether a software is a good investment and whether it served them well in the long term.

And finally, we suggest asking for a Aha software demo or free trial because this will really allow you to figure out whether the software suits your needs. There is no better way to know if a software is right for you then to experience it firsthand!


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