Kids Rule! 5 Fun Things to Do in New Zealand With Kids


New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s also the perfect vacation spot for kids. Discover the best things to do in New Zealand!

Remember that amazing trip your parents took you on when you were a kid? The one that you never, ever forgot?

We bet reminiscing on it stills puts a giant smile on your face and if now you want to create the same amazing memories for your kids, we know exactly where you should take them.

New Zealand!

Wondering why? Keep reading and discover five fun things to do in New Zealand with your family.

1. Stargaze at the Mount John Observatory

No matter if you’re five, 35, or 65, no one stays indifferent to a beautiful night sky full of stars. Not in New Zealand, anyway!

So why not take the whole family to the Mount John Observatory?

Located in Mackenzie, an International Dark Sky Reserve, the observatory is a great place to visit during the day when you can have lunch with an awe-inspiring view of the Lake Tekapo, and at night, you can not only see the stars but even other planets.

This is the perfect adventure if you have a little aspiring astronaut in the family!

2. Go for a Surf in Raglan

You can’t visit New Zealand and not go to the beach. And you can’t go to the beach and not ride some waves!

If your kids know how to swim, Raglan is the perfect spot to take them on a surfing adventure, as it is considered one of the best beaches for beginners. You’ll also find plenty of surfing schools there and the instructors will be more than happy to teach you and the kids all the basics.

3. See Some Amazing Marine Creatures at Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium

There’s no denying that New Zealand’s fauna and flora are one of a kind. If your little one is an animal lover, we’re sure they’ll love visiting Kelly Tarlton’s aquarium.

There, they’ll get to see more than 30 live animal exhibits, witness the biggest Antarctic penguin colony exhibit in the world, and much more.

Check the Kelly Tarltons prices and available dates, and book your tickets online! 

4. Tour the Set of Lord of the Rings in Hobbiton

Did you know that Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogy were filmed in New Zealand and that you can actually visit the sets of the movies?

No wonder Hobbiton is such a popular destination among families. If your kids are big fans of these movies, then this is definitely a must-visit spot. Even if they’re not and you just want a magical place to spend a couple of hours, we’d still look into it!

5. Spend a Day at the Margaret Mahy Family Playground

Last but not least, you need to take your family to the Margaret Mahy Family Playground. It has swings, sandboxes, trampolines, water play areas, huge playground equipment: in other words, everything your children could ever ask for.

Trust us, your kids will be teenagers and they’ll still remember the amazing day they spent in the playground in New Zealand!

There’s No Shortage of Fun Things to Do in New Zealand

Today, we only listed five spots you can take your kids to during your trip to this beautiful country. But there are many more amazing things to do in New Zealand that your whole family will love.

One thing is for sure: you’ll never forget your holidays in New Zealand, and neither will the little ones.

If you enjoyed this article and you’d like to read more about all things travel-related, make sure to keep exploring the blog!



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