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Knowing the Difference Between a Dream and Goal Helps Prep Your Future Financial

Many people mistakenly believe that a dream and a goal are the same, and this misconception can inhibit one’s ability to reach and realize important financial and life objectives.

Although dreams and goals are inter-related, there is one primary difference that is worth noting –

  • A dream lives in your head and your heart. A dream performs like a blueprint for a future outcome.
  • A goal is action-oriented and reality-based.

In other words, the difference between a dream and an objective is a well-thought-out plan of action.

The initial step to realizing a dream is to define your goals. Then, create a plan that includes short-term goals which lead to longer-term objectives.

Setting & Achieving Financial goals

In the financial arena, when it comes to saving money, the formula is not as complicated as most people believe. If you break down and eliminate unnecessary information and data, there are essentially two ways to begin your quest to save money.

  • Increase the amount of money you earn or take in.
  • Decrease the money you spend.

Choosing to change things up, by adjusting either of these money strategies is a great way to set you on a path that will help set up a strong, healthy financial future –

  • Planning for your future retirement.
  • Working toward consolidating and removing all debt. This will ultimately create a less anxious and stressful daily life. Living a debt-free life offers you renewed focus.
  • Saving for your next large purchase – this can include a new home, an automobile, or the vacation of a lifetime.
  • Prepping for a family member’s college education.
  • The creation of an emergency fund that should be equal to at least three to six months of monthly expenses, among others.

Start with Small Lifestyle Changes

Taking a step toward a financially healthy future can begin with small or slight changes. Start with one thing or behavior that is both physically and financially unhealthy – for a bonus!

Even choosing to take the time to make your own delicious brew – at home and not stopping for a double grande coffee-like hot milkshake will save thousands and help with your waistline. Staying healthy as you age is one of the best ways to save money as well!

Why not give one or two of these suggestions a go? Let’s see how you can positively influence your future financial (and maybe even physical and mental) health.

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