Kota Factory Season 2 Highlights


As the name suggests, Kota Factory is about IIT preparation. While it glorifies hard work, it also highlights the pitfalls and mental health consequences of not excelling at IITs. In addition, the show touches upon the need for reform in the education system. So how does this comedy succeed? Here are some of its main highlights. Read on to learn more about this hilarious and touching show. Also, find out what viewers need to know before they binge-watch the entire season.

Kota Factory

Jeetu Bhaiya’s monologue

In Kota Factory Season 2, Jeetu Bhaiya delivers a memorable monologue to a young girl named Meena. Meena has been missing classes for the last few months, and Jeetu calls her up. She confesses to masturbation, and Jeetu assures her not to feel bad about it. But will she listen to him?

While the original season’s gloomy tone evoked a sense of realism, Kota Factory managed to create a different sort of reality. The gloomy outlook of life in India is tempered by the hope for better days. The cast members portray the different shades of humanity, and we are able to empathize with their plight. But what of the gloomy nature of reality? It’s only natural that we want to escape from it, and Kota Factory does it.

Vaibhav and Vartika’s struggle

The trailer for the second season of Kota Factory shows Vaibhav and Vartika’ struggles to catch up with the other IIT aspirants. Vartika is very happy to see Vaibhav succeeding, but her love life and academics are a lot more challenging. However, the trailer also shows that the couple has already been experiencing some romance scenes.

While the trailer hints at a new storyline, the cast remains unchanged from the first season. Ranjan Raj is back as Vaibhav, Alam Khan is back as Uday, Jitendra Kumar plays Jeetu bhaiya, and Ahsaas Channa returns as Uday’s girlfriend Shivangi. Newcomer Revathi Pillai plays Vartika, while Urvi Singh plays Meenal. There are also rumours that Sameer Saxena will have a bigger role in Kota Factory Season 2.

Jeetu Bhaiya’s advice

In the first season of Kota Factory, we learnt that there is a dark side to the world and the ‘best days’ of our lives are only made possible by friendship. Now, we see the same tragic undercurrent at play in Kota Factory Season 2 as the girls are faced with the realities of their lives. However, we don’t get to see this aspect in the same detail in Season 2.

We see the glaring inequality of gender in the IIT admission system in the second season of Kota Factory. As the boys outnumber the girls ratio in Jeetu Bhaiya’s coaching centre, he hires a female Chemistry teacher to help the girls. He also hires a female chemistry teacher for his institute in an attempt to help boost their confidence.

Dystopian elements

A Netflix original series, Kota Factory has a deeply moving portrayal of young people, and this Netflix series is no exception. With a cast that consists of Bob Odenkirk, Cillian Murphy, Laura Linney, and Rhea Seehorn, it has the potential to be one of the best new series of the year. Dystopian elements are present in this show, but they aren’t overwhelming.

While the dystopia-like setting is not particularly involving, Kota Factory captures the angst and realism of the engineering industry. As a non-engineer’s perspective, the series conveys distress and the repercussions of pursuing an IIT degree. Though the show does feature a dystopian element, its characters are surprisingly relatable.


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