LotVue and ECi MarkSystems ERP


For home buyers, the ability to research properties online is crucial. LotVue is a cloud-based lot inventory management software that integrates with ECi MarkSystems ERP. This software allows buyers to search for homes in their desired areas online and research them in real-time. This system provides home buyers with real-time information and a virtual tour of each property. The application even allows home buyers to look inside homes. While the process may seem complicated, it is not.


LotVue is a cloud-based lot inventory management system

In addition to helping home builders manage their lot inventories, LotVue also provides secure and intuitive access to key information. Users can easily track lot inventory, sales status, budgets, schedule variances, architectural information, and other vital data. With LotVue, you can collaborate with all stakeholders while gaining a more complete view of the entire project. If you’re not familiar with cloud-based lot inventory management systems, this article will give you a brief introduction to LotVue.

LotVue was acquired by Mark Systems in 2015. It creates a visual representation of a lot inventory, construction progress, and architectural details. The software also lets homebuyers research a community online and connect with a sales office or model home. The system is part of ECi Mark Systems’s suite of building-industry software. With LotVue, you can create a virtual home tour for potential buyers.

Moreover, LotVue integrates directly into the website of the company, which allows homebuyers to research and make decisions without having to visit a physical location. With LotVue, you can also share real-time information with prospective homebuyers and increase sales. In addition to lot inventory management, you can also integrate the platform with property management software like AppFolio, which provides property leasing, accurate accounting, and built-in mail service. AppFolio also includes two-way/bulk texting to communicate with customers.

While the cloud-based lot inventory management system is convenient, some companies have found it difficult to implement. As a result, some of these systems require extensive customization to integrate with other applications. In this way, it’s easier to manage inventory than multiple programs and systems. It’s worth looking into these options before making a final decision. They may be right for you. This is because cloud-based lot inventory management systems are designed for small businesses.

Another cloud-based lot inventory management system, LotVue is also a CRM for home builders. Its user interface helps users connect with prospective home buyers and streamlines collaboration. In addition to facilitating collaboration, it helps home builders sell their communities faster and easier. A number of other cloud-based tools have helped homebuilders manage their business operations. These include INSEARCH, BuildTools, and Bolt.

Aside from helping healthcare businesses, the system can also help hospitals manage their inventory. It can help keep track of medication and equipment inventory. By collecting and storing reliable data, the system can also generate system reports and allow the business to monitor costs and use resources wisely. In addition to enhancing inventory visibility, it helps improve customer service, branding, and medicine availability. And, because of the technology, it can easily be integrated with other business systems, like sales, finance, and manufacturing.

It integrates with ECi MarkSystems ERP

ECi MarkSystems ERP is a leading provider of end-to-end business management solutions for the home building industry. MarkSystems covers all phases of home construction, providing a unified view of all projects, and enabling efficient customer service. LotVue is a site map and data visualization platform designed specifically for homebuilders and property developers. It helps them visualize vital information through map-based views, helping them make strategic decisions.

With the addition of Lasso to its product suite, ECi has boosted its presence in the homebuilding market. The company will continue to sell Lasso standalone, as well as in integrated bundles with MarkSystems and LotVue. The two systems are compatible with each other. As a result, ECi plans to continue developing Lasso as a standalone CRM solution, as well as promoting the MarkSystems and LotVue integration.

The implementation process of LotVue is simple and requires only minimal investment. It is also user-friendly, requiring minimal training for administrative staff and end users. It also has a variety of reporting features, including an interactive reports function. Furthermore, users can view reports filtered by community, lot status, and date range. All information in the system is stored securely in MarkSystems and can be exported as PDF or Excel.

ECI recently acquired INSEARCH, an online construction business management solution. INSEARCH provides an interactive visualization solution for homebuyers. With this acquisition, ECI will further cement its integration with MarkSystems ERP. Through this partnership, MarkSystems users will be able to take advantage of the most advanced interactive software in the industry. ECI’s latest acquisition of INSEARCH will give them the best of both worlds.

ECi MarkSystems ERP has a complete Land Development module that combines information into a single integrated system. It supports full budgeting and scheduling features, including job costing. It also integrates land development costs with vertical construction. In addition, LotVue (r) provides real-time updates of lot and home development activities, enabling them to make informed decisions faster. With this system, nightly information updates are no longer necessary.

LotVue also makes it easy for homebuyers to research the different options available in a single location. Its integrated design allows users to display key information on their website in real-time. It is easy to use, is engaging, and is updated regularly. ECi MarkSystems ERP integration helps home builders increase their online traffic and sales of options. It also helps home builders better communicate with their target audience.

It allows home buyers to search for lots online

LotVue is a cloud-based interactive site map software that enables home builders to easily manage their operations. Its dashboard gives home builders secure access to key information, including lot inventory, sales status, budget, schedule variance, architectural information, and more. The platform makes home buying easy and provides all stakeholders with secure, collaborative access to information about the properties. It helps home builders improve the overall customer experience by empowering sales teams and marketing departments to make better decisions and provide an unparalleled customer experience.

The LotVue platform also offers online lot reservation functionality. Potential home buyers can search for lots online and reserve them with a few clicks. This increases the urgency level of the sales process. LotVue automatically populates all necessary information across ECI CRM software. Using LotVue on home builders’ websites helps eliminate the need for duplicate data entry. Additionally, it is fully integrated with MarkSystems and will be integrated with Lasso soon.

The application also features interactive reports, allowing users to sort information by community, lot status, and date range. Users can export their reports as PDF or Excel documents. This makes the LotVue application an extremely versatile tool that will prove valuable to both home builders and home buyers. And since its implementation is simple, users will have no problem using it. And the software can be used by both developers and home builders.


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