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Opinions Filmsupply, is it the best stock cinematic video platform?

Filmsupply is, without a doubt, one of the best stock video platforms on the market, within the “film stock footage” category. This category is made of platforms that stand out for the quality of their filming, both in terms of aesthetics and the means used. They try to supply clips that could have been shot by any top-level film industry or advertising production company, but, being “stock”, at much more reasonable prices. In addition to Filmsupply, this category also includes Filmpac, Rawfilm, FilmHero, Artgrid and the recently launched Vystock boutique.

Filmsupply stands out for having contributors who are remarkable professionals. In fact, many of them are award-winning filmmakers, who often contribute clips that are actually parts of full-length short films. This is the key to providing enough originality to distinguish themselves from the typical stock video.


But, is it really the best premium cinematic video stock platform?

In the artistic world, recognition is loaded with subjectivity, so it is not possible to simply point out the best or the worst in any category, without grounds for discussion. However, it is possible that Filmsupply might be the best of all, precisely because in addition to quality, quantity and variety, they have additional features. For example, they have a free service that answers queries, in less than a day, to find the material you need. This is a real help, since their team provides you with clips that meet your search parameters. Another substantial advantage is that you don’t need a subscription to access their material, within which you can find some real gems.

The tendency in the premium cinematic video stock market

As in every other market, these platforms have had to keep up with innovation and continuously offer more value, for less, to keep their place in the ranking. All of them have been increasing their library and offering the possibility of downloading files in the original format (RAW, 4K, R3D, etc.). In addition, with the increase in library volume, innovation has come to video search engines.

One trend that seems to be becoming more widespread now is to shoot sequences or collections of similar subjects or scenes so that the buyer can assemble his own composition. Here, Vystock.com has taken things a step further by offering full stories, although it is also possible to buy the individual clips separately. On the other hand, their shoots are exclusive in the broadest sense of the word, that is, once you buy the story or clip, they take it off their website, and only you and only you will be the only user, forever and for whatever you want (with some reasonable limitations). This website, with only a few months in the market, shows special care in the creativity and presentation of the product, making evident the premium cinematographic quality in all its shots. The subject matter of their stories tends to focus on daily life, family and professional scenes.

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