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The Benefits of Vending Machines at Work

Looking for a way to introduce healthy snacks and beverages at your office? Thanks to vending machines, it’s easier than ever to provide options that everyone will enjoy.

It’s becoming trendy to offer free food and beverages at the office. Employees appreciate having more than just free coffee in the office, so it makes sense to give them healthy choices.

But aside from trendiness, why have snacks at the office? Here’s an overview of the main benefits of having vending machines at work.

1. Keep Your Employees Happy

Most of us know what a 3 o’clock slump feels like. There are two hours to go before the end of the workday, but you feel like you could take a nap right now. It’s not a great feeling, especially when you still have a list of things you must do before heading home!

This is one example of a time when a vending machine full of healthy snacks can make a difference. The proper nutrition can help you snap out of an afternoon fatigue episode and recharge you for the rest of the afternoon.

By providing a vending machine in your office, you’ll help your employees feel at their best and stay productive throughout the day.

2. Contribute to a Healthy Work Culture

As an employer, it’s good to encourage healthy eating at work. You can do this by stocking your vending machines with carrots sticks, celery, salads, fruit, and nutritional bars. If you choose to install a beverage machine, stay away from sodas and provide fruit juices and flavored water. Most people will opt for a healthy choice if they have several versions in front of them.

3. Collect Money for Side Projects

Eating healthy at work can have side benefits. One idea is to take your vending machine earnings and use them for fun activities. For example, you could donate the money to a local charity or use it to pay for your monthly employee birthday party.

4. Provide a Reason to Get Up and Move

Many office workers forget to leave their desks periodically and stretch. If you install vending machines, you’ll encourage more employees to move more and add more steps to their day.

How to Select the Right Vending Machine for Your Office

If you’re ready to buy a vending machine now, you’re probably wondering, how much is a vending machine? The average vending machine for sale costs around $1000-$6000, depending on its size and other factors. To learn more about the types of vending machines available, check out Healthy You Vending reviews.

Enjoy Vending Machines at Work

Installing vending machines at your office has clear benefits you don’t want to miss out on. You’ll encourage your employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle at work and show them you care to invest in their well-being.

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