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The Jobmarket for Locksmiths in The Boston Area

If you live in the Boston area, a career as a Locksmith may be a very good choice and in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know. 

The hallmark of any profession is the prospect for job opportunities inherent in it. The locksmith profession is quite unique because it is closely linked to real estate which is arguably the most stable and profitable industry across the sectors of any economy. Aside from real estate, locksmiths are also closely affiliated with the security industry as the installation of locks and other security gadgets complements the work of security agents. Therefore a surge in the demand of the real estate and security industry tends to induce a rise in demand for locksmiths. Locksmith services are needed almost everywhere, whether in personal apartments, industries, colleges and universities, elementary and secondary schools, security service agencies, traveler accommodations, scientific research facilities, and local, state, and federal government agencies. 

Overview of Job Prospects for Locksmiths in America

The pace of job prospects for locksmiths has not been as impressive as before although the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 6,100 total job openings are expected by 2018, due to economic growth, business development, and replacement needs. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic which has ravaged the world in recent times job openings have not been the same for locksmiths for a while. According to The Freedonia Group, the global demand for security equipment is expected to increase seven percent annually to $117 billion in 2016. By implication, the industry was performing well prior to the pandemic. 

Job Market for Locksmiths in Boston

Compared to New York, Boston is one of the cities not yet overpopulated by Locksmiths. Boston may actually be one of the best cities to work in. There are still many residential areas with no local Locksmith and the population is highly literate, excellent conditions for someone interested in starting to practice as a locksmith. According to research by Salary.com, the average salary for a locksmith in Boston is $59,000 although this amount is not fixed as it depends on certain factors such as certifications, experience, and skill set of the locksmith in question.

How to get your first job as a Locksmith

Locksmith jobs are rarely advertised online. Instead, the best approach to seeking your first locksmith job in Boston is to contact a reputable and well established Locksmith company that operates in the area. Get-Locksmith is one of the largest companies with nationwide services but there is a range of similar businesses and they can best be found online. The ongoing pandemic has restricted the extent of physical meetings hence it is important to contact a potential company digitally and not physically walk into local Locksmiths offices asking for job openings.  

The locksmith profession is one that relies on skill and technical acumen. Unlike most other professions, there is scarcely an academic training that is strictly suited for locksmiths but the training available is mostly practical hence the deftness and precision of training influences the expertise of the locksmith. Networking is one of the major ways of securing patronage for most professions. In a city with entrepreneurial opportunities like Boston, business owners within the city will almost certainly be interested in fixing alarms and other security systems in their offices. Locksmiths can leverage this by enrolling in training such as the Certified Alarm Technician course to boost their knowledge of the new security locks. 

Technology Induced Opportunity

Locksmiths are facing a dual-faced problem. The first is a decline in demand for old and conventional lock repair and fittings and the second is the rise in demand for modern locks and fittings. Technology is attempting to render a lot of locksmiths jobless while saturating a few with more jobs due to their affiliation with technology. This is therefore a clarion call to locksmiths to dust their learning cap and learn the latest technology in their profession in other to avoid redundancy in their profession. Technical know-how will enhance their usefulness and this will scale up their profits and keep the business profitable and viable.  Due to the advent of technology, the locksmith profession is gradually unraveling. Being a locksmith is no longer about the ability to repair and install locks, nowadays, some locks are keyless, hence locksmiths must secure the capacity to also install these modern locks and fittings whether in residential or office environments. Occupations that rely on skill and technical know-how such as locksmiths will also necessarily have a need for regular research and learning in order to keep up with new developments in the industry. Locksmiths who do not improve on their skills will inevitably jeopardize their chances of recruitment. Technology has transformed the locksmith industry and job opportunities especially for locksmiths used to the old and conventional locks will become limited. The decline in nationwide locksmithing can be adduced to the pandemic and technology but with time, opportunities will pick up. The demand for professional Locksmith Nationwide is becoming increasingly important as the number of professional and trustworthy service providers is also on a sharp decline. 

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