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The Need for Sustainability in Women’s Shoes

The evolution of the footwear industry, particularly women’s footwear, has been relatively rapid in the past few decades. As trends keep changing after every year or two, the pressure falls on the brands to increase their production, which, unfortunately, has given rise to fast fashion. But that doesn’t mean that all brands are willing to follow that route. Some environmentally-conscious brands are trying to change how they view fashion and footwear. Women’s shoes can be truly sustainable, and environmentally conscious brands are here to prove it.

How Can Footwear Be Sustainable?

The changing conditions of the environment have compelled many companies to re-examine how their products are leaving an impact. The fashion industry, including footwear, is one of the top polluting industries in the world. Brands are becoming aware, and so are the consumers. During such dire times, sustainable production cannot be neglected.

Many companies have bravely ventured into the world of sustainability, opting to use materials and techniques that would reduce their carbon footprint. They are sustainable because they will eventually not prevent future generations from using similar resources.

Sustainable Materials Used to Make Footwear

One of the many ways shoes can be sustainable is by using natural fibres such as cotton, hemp, bamboo, cork, and so on. These materials, if grown ethically, are a much better alternative. Another option that is being explored by many is using agricultural byproducts. These byproducts could be the waste produced during production, and brands have found them to be a great form of sustainable materials.

Recycling is essential and may be one of the most successful sustainable production and manufacturing methods. Plastic takes more than 450 years to decompose, posing itself as a major threat to the environment. Many have found useful ways to recycle plastic so that they don’t end up in our landfills, and several brands have turned to recycling plastic and using it for their products. Some companies use recycled plastic bottles in their products, a great way to ensure mindful production.

The best part is that brands that have gone the green route have not compromised on their style at all. Many sustainable brands that sell women’s shoes still continue to make elegant and trendy pieces.

It’s Not Just About the Shoes

What brands need to understand is that their responsibility does not just end with producing sustainable footwear. Their job is to ensure that the idea of sustainability is reflected in everything they do, which includes packaging, working conditions, shipping, and more.

Let’s talk about the packaging of these products. If not given enough thought, the packaging of products could generate a lot of waste. Many brands are designing innovative and mindful packaging made of recycled or recyclable materials that can be useful to them in the long run.

Manufacturing conditions in their factories and workshops also matter. The electricity consumption and the waste that is produced should also be kept in mind, along with the main goal of making sustainable products.

Free and fair working conditions are also an integral part of a sustainable brand. Since sustainable brands need more time, effort and care in making their products, it is essential that employees are paid according to the effort being put in.

Take a Mindful Step Towards the Future

Being mindful is the key in today’s time. Sustainable fashion is the best way to go, and it is time for both consumers and manufacturers to take the green approach

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