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Three Humbling Reasons Why Radio Communication Is Still in Use

Did you know that an Italian inventor named Guglielmo Marconi was the first person to develop the radio way back in 1895? His invention became known as the wireless telegraph, and he used it to send Morse Code messages.

The radio craze took off in the early 1900s, with four companies across the world competing. Soon enough, inventors figured out a way to transmit voices, too.

The 1930s were the “Golden Age of Radio,” but that does mean radio is obsolete. Here are three reasons radio communication is still in use today.

A Business Communication Necessity

You may be wondering, why are two-way radios all that important? In fact, radio comms are a must-have for several industries, including retail, air traffic control, construction, and more.

Two-way radios offer instant communication for all members of a party. Not only can you transmit information to one person, but the information is readily available to everyone. No meetings necessary.

For example, anyone who radios that a child is lost in a retail store can radio out a description of the child. Within seconds, all team members are scanning the aisles or guarding the doors in case the child was abducted.

The same goes for instances of injury, an active shooter on the premises, or the breakout of a fire.

Radio Comms Are More Reliable

Our smartphone may look fancier, but radio communication is the way to go for some situations. When it comes to air traffic control, for example, the speed of the plane would make the cell switch towers too frequently.

Additionally, where is the plane supposed to get cell coverage in rural areas or over large bodies of water? It’s all too easy for the cell phone to drop calls.

That’s why the importance of radio is so obvious. Similar to the retail example, pilots can hear everyone’s conversation, but it never hurts to know where other planes are in relation to theirs.

However, even two-way radios need radio repair. Check out radio repair linked here to ensure all your radios stay in prime condition.

Internet Isn’t An Option in Every Country

Having access to the internet or cell towers in the West is a luxury we often take for granted. For some countries in Africa, for example, Internet connection and even electricity are sparse. This is the case in other parts of the world, too.

For this reason, the importance of radio has never been clearer. Radio comms are how government officials and other professionals keep in touch.

People in developing countries also turn to radio for entertainment and news when the Internet isn’t reliable. In fact, radios reach farther than newspapers and TV.

Radio Communication in the Twenty-First Century

Along with the TV, cell phones, and other forms of technology we readily associate with the twenty-first century, radio communication is still prevalent in this world. We’d go as far as saying radios are underrated.

Without it, certain countries in the world wouldn’t have access to entertainment or news, and teamwork within organizations would be more difficult.

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