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Visiting Yarra Valley: Everything You Need to Know

From the eclectic beauty of tall mountains to the flavour of locally made wines, Yarra Valley is one place people in Melbourne and other nearby regions would like to visit. 

If you are interested in visiting Yarra Valley, there are several fun things to do in a day. Yarra Valley is an extraordinary escapade for individuals who live in Australia. When you are going with friends and family members, it will be an adventurous yet fun trip to relish the day.

Though there are so many activities in the region, many individuals enjoy going on private winery tours in Yarra valley. It hardly takes an hour’s drive from Melbourne to spend the whole day in the best wineries of Yarra Valley.

Yarra Valley – Overview

Yarra Valley can be reached in the one-hour drive from Melbourne CBD, where there are townships like Marysville, Healesville and Warburton. The Yarra River, aka Yarra, is the most enticing river in the entire state, which runs down 60km from eastern Victoria and reaches Port Philip Bay within the city.

You can visit the splendid tourist destination throughout the year, but the best time to visit is wholly based on what you will be doing there. If you want to see the snow mountains, visiting by September will be a great choice. Plan for the private winery tours between December and March. The place can be crowded during peak times like holidays, so ensure you book ahead of time.

Whether you have only one day or a week of vacation, Yarra Valley is the best place to plan a trip. There are smaller itineraries in the region that requires at least two days, and there are other places to complete your journey in the Yarra Valley. 

You can find cost-effective and luxurious accommodation in the region. From contemporary homes to vintage cottages, you will find various accommodation options in different price ranges. You will find budget hotels in the area, so don’t worry about the cost of staying in Yarra Valley.

What Can You Do in Victoria’s Favourite Tourist Attraction?

Yarra Valley has become a favourite tourist destination as they are an excellent wine region in the country. The locals are tempted to visit the region where they can taste countless wine varieties. This leads to the popularity of Yarra Valley, and some exceptional features sync well with the wineries. Check out various attractions in the region that you should visit at least once.

It is a known fact that Yarra Valley is Victoria’s first wine-growing district, and the plantation began in 1838. You will find at least 300 vineyards and 160 wineries, making the region one of the world’s crucial cold climate wine-growing regions. 

You can plan private winery tours in Yarra Valley to check out the scrumptious range of wines like cabernet, sauvignon, shiraz, pinot noir, chardonnay and more. Your quest to find the best wineries will end in this region as there are various options to quench your thirst in style.

If you are not interested in wine, visit breweries to taste local beers and ciders in the region. Apart from beers and wines, Yarra Valley is the best place to satisfy your taste buds. 

From ice creamery to five-star luncheon, you have a lot to taste. Finally, there is some room for wildlife enthusiasts too. The region consists of lush greenery, where you will find exotic vineyards and many native animals. Get a personal view of local wildlife by visiting the Healesville Sanctuary.

There are several places to relish in the Yarra Valley, even if you plan a one-day trip. You will find websites where you can easily book tour packages and reduce all your efforts in arranging a trip. All you have to do is, enjoy the journey without any hassles.


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