What Is A Peppol Access Point?


If your organization has been focusing on the e-invoicing, there’s a huge chance that you have come across with the peppol go as the framework of the e-procurement procedures. Those who want to participate in the global market must be ready to do their business processes electronically across the globe. Back then, the Peppol framework was only exclusive for the members of the EU. It does not take a long time until it has become the solution for the other countries including Australia, Canada, Singapore, NZ, US, and so on.

But before going further to the definition of the AP, let’s have the common ground first about the principle of the topic.

PEPPOL stands for Pan-European Public Procurement Online. It is an exclusive network which comes with the set of standards aligned for the private and public companies to make the e-procurement faster and safer. The standards set by the people can make the transactions done more effectively. The members of the OpenPEPPOL organization can also be authorized as the Access Point provider, which leads to the next point of the discussion.

What is peppol access point, anyway?

To join with the peppol network, you will need to register your company to the trustworthy peppol access point provider.

To define the Peppol access point, it refers to the provider, or party which helps their clients to connect to the single peppol network.

To make their clients viable to join the network, the provider will grant them Peppol IDs. Once you’ve granted the ID, you will use it to access the e-invoicing network which is called as peppol network

Just like the other services, you will really want to get the services from the trustworthy provider. Galaxy GW is a certified PEPPOL access point. The company can help you to quickly connect to the peppol network. You will quickly adopt the universal standard for  exchanging electronic documents across Europe and other markets in the world.

Conducting the e-invoicing is straightforward and easy with the Galaxy GW. Now, you are able to conduct the invoices procedure more accurately. Not to mention that you can make sure that your practices are compliant to the regulations based in the particular region. With the help of Galaxy GW peppol access point , you can interact with your partners and suppliers to exchange the electronic documents without any hassle or fuss.

You don’t need to use multiple access points to interact with the other organizations. All you need to do is to connect to the particular access point, and you are good to go. The good thing about peppol go solution is that you don’t need to ditch your current software. You can adopt the framework into the existing ERP and accounting systems. You can quickly open the channels to multiple partners. Connect once, and you’re able to interact with everyone. Send the business documents seamlessly to companies or public bodies via your trustworthy peppol access point and you can make sure that you’ll have great monthly flows in your company.

Why Use Peppol?

Security and speed in the e-invoicing are irreplaceable. Gone are the days when it took hours to days for a company to conduct the procurement with their partners. In many countries, all suppliers and vendors must send electronic invoices to the public bodies. But then,l the governments also mandate that electronic invoices and other information exchange should be effective for B2B activities too. security comes first.

And if you want to be involved with the global market, it is much better to take a look at the Peppol network capabilities. This set of standards will make sure that you will be able to streamline all of the processes for good.

Through the particular network, your company can interact with other systems without any hassle.

To use the peppol go service, you will need to grant a Peppol ID. With this ID, the identification process is easy and straightforward. The automatic identification will proceed all of the processes without hassles or fuss.

Peppol is not only focusing on the e-invoicing, but also the other procurement activities including ordering, shipment, and so on. Once you have connected to the right AP, you will be able to interact with the other members in the network in a more seamless way.

Since the e-procurement has been standardized automatically, there is no need for the intervention of a third party that will slow down the process. Instead, the data exchange will be done automatically. Your recipients will receive your invoices in time. As a result, you will also receive the payments faster as well.

Joining with Peppol network

It is necessary to attach electronic invoices to a PEPPOL access point in order for them to be transmitted through the PEPPOL network.

The PEPPOL network may be accessed through the use of an access point, which is a peer that has been accepted by the PEPPOL organization. An access point is referred to as a gateway in some circles.

In order to communicate with all other PEOPLE users, regardless of which access point they are using, you must first establish a network connection with their computer. At the moment, there are around 200 access points that are available.

Galaxy GW has also been designated as a PEPPOL Access Point, which is an important distinction.

Contacting us is the easiest way to become a member of the network. Electronic invoices will be issued to your customers using the PEPPOL-ID that you will be provided with upon registration.

Custom-made software, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), is often utilized by large businesses and industries that generate a significant number of invoices. If you have a direct network connection, you may always use the Peppol network to deliver secure e-invoices to your customers and vendors. If you want to maintain control over billing and invoice processing while still sending secure e-invoices, this is the choice for you! When it comes to issuing invoices, you have total control over whether or not they are sent through Peppol or not.

When you use Peppol, you can be confident that every document you transmit or receive has the same structure. This is advantageous because it gives you the assurance that the document will be handled by both you and your customer, which is helpful.

What happens if your program does not support the Peppol format that is required? We’ll make it simple for you to convert your software to the format required by Peppol. Receiving papers has the same impact as sending documents. In this particular instance, the Peppol format is converted to the file format required by your software. When converting invoices, you will deal with a variety of file types, including depending on the ERP Software or other systems.



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