What Is THC-O? How Can A Crypto Trader Use It?


Do you think that you have heard everything about every cannabinoid? You couldn’t be more wrong because there is a brand new cannabinoid in the market. We are talking about THC-O, a derivative of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC-O is three times more effective than Delta-9 THC. Moreover, THC-O can produce borderline psychedelic effects in its consumers. However, there are still different opinions about whether THC-O is a miracle or a sort of contamination in cannabis processing.


In this article, we give you all the required details about THC-O. We define the product, its manufacturing process, its effects and risks, its comparison with THC, and its potency. Moreover, we also talk about the relationship between cannabis and cryptocurrency. So read on to find out more!

All About THC-O

THC-O, also known as THC-O acetate, serves as an artificial alternative to Delta-9 THC. Other minor cannabinoids such as HHC, Delta-8, or Delta-10 are naturally occurring compounds within the marijuana plant.

But unlike all these compounds, THC-O is obtained through a sophisticated extraction process from the hemp plant. The biggest drawback of THC-O is the limited research on the product. Early studies point towards THC-O being a pro-drug. It also means that there is a need to metabolize it before using it. After the metabolization process, THC-O serves as a variable of Delta-9 THC. However, it possesses a higher bioavailability. If you consume THC-O in the same amount as Delta-9, you might feel utterly stoned even if you have prior experience of consuming cannabis. However, THC-O can be a more effective and cheaper alternative for patients who need large doses of THC to manage their symptoms.

How Is THC-O Manufactured?

THC-O is manufactured from THC. The Marijuana plant possesses significant amounts of concentrated THC that can be extracted. The biggest drawback here is that marijuana is legal in a few countries, and it becomes difficult to grow and sell it. Due to this reason, most manufacturers produce THC-O from hemp.

The Hemp plant also contains some THC, and a significant amount of THC-O can be manufactured from it. You have to extract CBD from industrial hemp and then convert it to Delta-8 THC. This conversion is done through the process of isomerization.

After this, the molecules of Delta-8 THC are combined with acetic anhydride. Adding acetic anhydride removes all flavonoids, terpenes, and additional cannabinoids from the final compound. As the final result, you get a wholly flavorless and odorless isolate of THC.

Marijuana and Its Use In Cryptocurrency

In recent years, both cannabis and cryptocurrency markets have seen considerable expansion. And both these worlds offer newfound freedom to consumers in markets filled with restrictions before. Nowadays, many countries have legalized the manufacturing and sale of marijuana. And as far as the crypto world is considered, it has offered a chance to people to invest in currency without worrying about their privacy or banking restrictions. Both markets feature considerable legal uncertainty and risk for business people. But investors are willing to take the chance because these markets also have a significant potential for rewards. After coming together, these markets have become a crucial part of the modern economy. And just like the crypto-cannabis world, the legal marijuana market has also expanded while overcoming the controversies surrounding it.

The advocates of combining these two worlds have a range of reasons to support their stand. However, most people believe that combining the worlds of cannabis and cryptocurrency offers increased freedom and flexibility to people.

How Can A Crypto Trader Use THC-O?

Dealing in cryptocurrency could prove to be exhausting and stressful for traders. Often they might need a break from their schedules and relax their minds. For this purpose, crypto traders can consume THC-O to break their monotonous routines.

Psychedelics stimulate all your senses and can potentially change your mindset towards life. Several users of THC-O have reported that its effects are almost spiritual. It is because they feel that the mental and physical feelings that THC-O produces take them on a psychedelic trip. However, some consumers have also reported that these effects have made them feel uncomfortable and disturbed.

When we talk about its physical symptoms, THC-O has a soothing effect on your body. A sensation typically starts as pressure behind the eyes. As these effects reach their peak, this pressure encompasses your whole body. Thus, we can say that THC-O produces similar effects on its users as THC, but they are a little more potent.

How Potent Is THC-O?

As already mentioned, it is reported that THC-O is three times stronger than Delta-9 THC. If you are an experienced cannabis user who consumes it in ample amounts, you might find this alluring. But if this is your first experience with cannabis, consuming THC-O without caution could result in a panic attack.

However, this potency is a boon for patients who need to consume high amounts of THC to manage their medical symptoms. Buying too much THC can punch a hole in your pocket, but THC-O can do the same work even if consumed in small amounts.

Thus, a tiny amount of THC-O can do wonders for crypto traders by relieving their mental state to better focus on their work.

Is It Safe to Consume THC-O?

It is vital to buy your THC-O products from a trusted and reputed brand. You should always buy products manufactured in a lab and tested thoroughly afterward.

Because THC-O is a highly concentrated compound, its base material must be of excellent quality. If pesticides or contaminated soil are used to grow the Hemp plant from which THC-O is to be obtained, the resultant compound would be even more toxic. It is why several people have some genuine concerns regarding THC-O.


Frequent discoveries of new Cannabis products have led to a considerable expansion in its market and popularity. However, whether the plant should be altered from its natural form remains controversial. But in the end, preferring either natural or synthetic cannabis products solely depends on you. Just make sure that you have all the information you need and choose the right product according to your needs. If consumed judiciously, most cannabis products can turn your life around. But if you forget to practice caution, these products can also be dangerous to your health. So stay informed to stay safe!


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