What medical check-ups and tests should be done on a regular basis?


Even those who lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle should regularly undergo medical checkups. Sometimes a balanced diet, exercise, and taking care of yourself are simply not enough.

medical checkups.

Why are regular checkups important?

Prevention is important because many diseases have no symptoms at an early stage. Very often, these diseases can be diagnosed by doing basic laboratory tests. Check-ups and tests allow detecting even the smallest abnormalities in the human body. Very often, these abnormalities are caused by a developing disease.

People at risk of various diseases should remember about preventive checkups and tests. Of course, not all tests – such as the hearing test – need to be repeated regularly. However, there are some for which it is worth visiting the laboratory on a regular basis.

Blood count

It is a basic medical test. Its task is to examine the condition and content of individual blood elements. Thanks to the blood count, it is possible to determine the level of hemoglobin, leukocytes, or erythrocytes. Regular blood counts can help detect many medical conditions. We are talking here about, among others, infectious diseases, infections, inflammations, as well as deficiencies of various types of substances. Every patient should be aware that regular blood tests are essential for good health.


A simple urine test can tell you a lot about your health. Contrary to what it seems, we are talking not only about the urinary tract but also the entire body. The test analyzes factors such as color, clarity, self-weight, and substances in the urine. The great advantage of urinalysis is that it is relatively cheap and provides a lot of valuable information.

Blood sugar test

Due to the fact that diabetes is slowly becoming a civilization disease, regular blood sugar testing is very important. Modern society is characterized by a very high consumption of carbohydrates, which is why it is often affected by metabolism disorders. The patient must be aware that elevated blood sugar levels can lead to conditions such as cardiovascular disease and even cancer.

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

This test visualizes the rate of sedimentation of red blood cells. High values can be an alarm signal that informs about ongoing inflammation, blood diseases, cancer, thyroid diseases, and injuries. If the values are low, the patient may be having heart failure or jaundice.

To sum up, modern society often lives on the run and does not have time to pay attention to physical activity or diet. A polluted environment, abuse of stimulants, or a sedentary lifestyle are also harmful factors. Therefore, after the age of 30, it is worth carrying out regular preventive tests and checkups, which will allow you to react in time in the case of the developing disease.


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