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Why You Need an Industrial Lawyer

Do you have a legal issue that is stressing you? While not every legal matter may require a lawyer, you should get a lawyer to work with you and help you understand the situation. When calling a lawyer, you have to consider their knowledge and expertise on your legal issue so that they help you fight for justice.

Coal-powered plants and industries are found in many industrial areas. While they are a source of employment and accelerate the area’s growth, their downside is the negative health impacts that they leave behind.

The Beebee station Rochester NY is a coal power plant that opened in 1892 and was in service for ninety-two years before winding up in 1984. The station remained a going concern as the officials performed auxiliary functions until 1999 when it became non-operational. For those fifteen years, the station served roles such as certifying equipment and maintaining a distribution substation.

The station left three smokestack plants that have since been demolished, with two being destroyed in 2007 and the final one demolished in 2013. In the United States, there has been a trend where coal plants that had shuttered are readopted and remodeled into commercial and entertainment spaces.

Rochester Gas & Electric took this approach and consulted land developers who planned to remodel the shuttered coal plant into an entertainment space. In November 2013, RG&E, with the support of the public, applied for the appropriate permits to renovate the structure into an open space. The Company hoped to have finished the remodeling, including remedying all the hazardous materials.

While the RG&E station was demolished, they cleaned the place up, and the grass grew on the surface; the adverse effects remained.

You should get reparations if you have suffered any harm, injury, or damage from the coal plant. If you have suffered an injury, a lawyer will represent you in court and fight for justice. Some of the hazardous material present in coal plants includes lead and asbestos, which may cause Lung Cancer or Mesothelioma.

Monetary compensation for victims

You are entitled to monetary compensation if you are a Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma victim. We at Belluck & Fox have done Mesothelioma settlements of over $1 billion and helped victims and their families are awarded over $1 million in damages as compensation for illnesses.

If you have any legal issue arising from Rochester Gas & Electric Beebee Station, you will require a lawyer’s services. You may have a legal case if you contracted Lung Cancer or Mesothelioma in your capacity as;

  • A former employee of RG&E
  • A resident of Rochester

The Company was negligent and allowed the use of asbestos products through deceit which has had adverse effects on the people living within the area. If you have been adversely affected, we will help you battle it out in court and ensure that you are given compensation for the damages that you and your family has suffered from. You will need the services of a lawyer to be awarded special damages that will cater to your medical bills.

A lawyer will help you as the victim or the family in your claim against the station in a court to receive the compensation you deserve from the injury. You require a lawyer to prove the causal link between the illness and the hazardous materials to prove that the toxic substances caused the Lung Cancer or Mesothelioma.

Another reason why you should get a lawyer is that you will talk to them for free. During that meeting, you will explain the facts of your issue to the lawyer with no upfront costs and charges. During the meeting, the lawyer will conduct client counseling where you will narrate the events, and your lawyer will help you fill the gaps where your narration is inconsistent.


You should always consult a lawyer when you have a legal issue and are unaware of what steps to take. A lawyer will help you receive compensation where you are entitled to compensation for any harm or injury occasioned by the actions of RG&E Station in your capacity as a victim or your family. Lawyers are legal experts taught to put your needs first as their client so that the lawyer will serve you with justice. Ensure that you are in constant communication with your lawyer so you are aware of the progress of the matter in your pursuit of justice.

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