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3 Tips for How To Find the Best Hosting Service for WordPress

Using WordPress to create a new website is the most common scenario you’ll see in the internet world. WordPress offers a way to quickly set up a new site and add new features without touching a line of programming code. That’s why WordPress powers 41.8% of all websites on the internet.

With how important websites are for businesses, you can’t afford to use the wrong WordPress hosting services. Check out the three tips below to find the best hosting service for WordPress.

1. Consider the Type of Hosting

There are several types of web hosting available for every kind of site available. You’ll need to understand the pros and cons of each one to make the best choice. Here are the most common ones to consider.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most inexpensive hosting available. You share resources on a web server with many other websites. While this does limit what you can do, it’s an affordable way to get started if you’re a small business.

However, you can run into issues if you use too many resources or share hosting with problem websites.

Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server is the next step up from shared hosting. Instead of sharing resources with other websites, you get a dedicated virtual machine for your site.

You have complete control over your server in this situation. However, you may need more technical knowledge to get things up and running.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is great for someone that wants enough resources to run their site and wants to take a hands-off approach. These hosting services are designed specifically for WordPress sites and have extra features.

You’ll pay more for these services, but you’ll get more dedicated WordPress expertise.

2. Look for Backups

Yes, you can handle WordPress backups on your own. But it takes dedication to stay on top of things and safely store your website backups.

To help with that, many web hosting services offer free backup capabilities for their customers. You get regular backups of both your files and databases. If something goes wrong with your site, you can click a few buttons and restore your site to a previous version.

3. Check for Extras

You won’t see many extra features when using shared hosting or VPS services. It will be up to you to set up your WordPress website and do everything yourself. The same isn’t true for a managed WordPress hosting service.

Many managed WordPress hosting services are considered the best WordPress hosting services because they include extra features. Some of those features include access to paid WordPress plugins that make running WordPress sites easier. Access to these tools can more than make up for the extra money managed services cost.

Click for SEO services to see what to look for in additional SEO plugins offered by WordPress.

Now You Know How to Find the Best Hosting Service for WordPress

A website is critical to running a business today, so you can’t afford to use a WordPress hosting service that’s down all the time and slow for your visitors. Luckily, there are countless great managed WordPress hosting companies available. Use the tips above to find the best hosting service for WordPress.

Check out the blog for more tips that will help you keep your WordPress site online and running great.

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