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6 Benefits of Owning Challenge Coins

Common challenge coins have a market value of about $5 to $15. In the past, you could only find the coins among military members. The tradition dates back to 1812 when soldiers received a regiment coin as an award for battle honors.

Since then, other fields started incorporating challenge coins as a reward system. The rare challenge coins come with special privileges.

You can earn a challenge coin by performing a heroic act or attending a special event. Besides, you can get a challenge coin as part of a family tradition.

Designing challenge coins is the best way to mark special people and times. Join us as we discuss the six benefits of owning challenge coins.

1. Challenge Coins Tell Your Story

Most people like to ponder over the question of what are challenge coins? Think of them as honorary medals but smaller. They are smaller in size but don’t have any less value.

They can have detail in text and imagery. Owning the coins is like having trophies that you can carry everywhere. Better yet, have a special coin display case.

Rare challenge coins tell a story about the person and the awarding organization. They are informal awards but have a deep tradition. Thus, some businesses use them to promote their products by awarding bug clients.

They can introduce you as a challenge coin holder in interviews and social gatherings. People instantly gain respect for you because they know the story behind the coin. You gain much by holding onto a coin for years before selling it to a collector.

2. Honor an Event or a Person

You can get a challenge coin after participating in a specific event or being at an institution. Keeping the coin is a way of honoring your time there. You had to go through specific challenges to make it in the end.

For instance, military members may want to honor their time in service. It may have been the roughest time of their lives, but they also gain valuable skills.

You can also earn the coin by meeting a dignitary. Holding on to it means that you still value the connection.

If you play your cards right, custom challenge coins can open doors for you. Your ideas will be welcome because they already think highly of you.

Besides, it’s a great gesture to honor the service of a great community member by designing challenge coins for them.

3. Foster Connections With Others

Owning a challenge coin can help foster long-lasting connections with others. The coin can be a great conversation starter for strangers. Going through the same struggles can create a strong bond between two people.

Since most custom challenge coins are an honorary award, holders of the same are respectable members of society.

It would be a good idea to create a network of people with that character. It will increase your social standing and expand the business opportunities you can get.

Creating new relationships with challenge coin holders will give you a sense of community. You can look up events in your specific field.

This way, you will meet people you can share a lot with. You can always find a community on online platforms, and they will lead you to the events.

4. Represents a Specific Institution

Institutions of higher learning have been designing challenge coins for ages. They may award students with the coin upon completion of an academic course. Besides, sports achievements and other co-curricular activities attract the same reward.

There is something special and unique about serving on that school team. Recognition for the same gives members a sense of pride.

A challenge coin reminds you of that specific association. Finding others with the same coins after some years becomes a moment of joyous connection.

Some coin holders can come together to support the awarding institution. Often, they volunteer to tutor young members of the organization.

Besides, institutions can celebrate big moments by having holders of challenge coins award new members. When you own challenge coins through merit, you gain guardian status.

5. Have a Fun Time With Friends

You can also use challenge coins to pass time with friends. The tradition started among military members, but you can play it with your work colleagues or club members.

The game is straightforward, but the rules can vary among groups. The most common way starts with an initiator calling a coin check. Participants of the game have to produce a coin. If a member can produce a coin, they must buy everyone a drink.

However, if everyone has a coin, the caller must buy the drinks. The question of how many drinks rests on the group.

This makes members want to earn more coins. So you can use challenge coins to improve team spirit.

6. Challenge Coins Have Monetary Value

Most dealers make challenge coins with zinc, steel, or brass. This is because that is what most institutions and corporate firms can afford. A reliable dealer at customchallengecoins.net can work with whatever budget the client has.

Some rare challenge coins have special designs or come from precious metals. Not every institution gives out real gold coins. Only the best of the best people in service get these coins.

Gold challenge coins are tangible assets that don’t bend to the market forces. Gold retains its value in the most volatile markets.

Besides, other precious metals hold their weight in tough times. So you can keep the coins for their monetary value.

Know the Benefits of Challenge Coins

The tradition that began among soldiers has become more prevalent in various sectors. Educational institutions and corporations adapted the challenge coin system from the military. They use them to boost morale among employees and members.

Challenge coins are a significant reward system among social circles. Thus, they can help the holder access many societal privileges.

People respect you more when you earn a rare challenge coin through merit. You get more business opportunities and respect in the community. Thus, you can build your brand.

Further, you can incorporate challenge coins as a family tradition. Make sure you choose the best dealer to make custom challenge coins for you.

If you had fun learning from this piece, you could check out more articles on the site.

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