3 Types of Decorative Mirrors for Any Room In Your House


The demand for mirrors is on the rise, with the global mirrors market size expected to surpass $4.05 billion by 2026. That’s more than $1 billion more than the industry’s size in 2020 when the market was valued at just over $2.91 billion.

Mirrors play a central role in helping us look our best. It’s no wonder that the average man spends 56 minutes a day looking at themselves in the mirror. Women spend 43 and half minutes per day doing the same.

Some mirrors do more than just help you see your reflection. Decorative mirrors, for instance, are an essential part of your wall decor.

If you’re considering investing in decorative wall mirrors, you’ll be happy to know that these mirrors come in several types. Here are three of the top varieties of decorative mirrors on the market today.

  1. Plane Mirrors

Plane mirrors are the most popular type of mirrors today. These mirrors typically have a flat reflective surface. Some of them may have a slight curve.

Plane mirrors are designed to produce images that are identical or almost identical to the image they portray. That means that the image is usually the same shape and size as the original object. Images are always upright and laterally inverted.

When it comes to size, plane mirrors come in almost all sizes imaginable. If you’re looking for large decorative mirrors, then plane mirrors are the ideal option.

Plane mirrors also come in a variety of shapes. Whether you’re looking for rectangle, oval, square, or round decorative mirrors, you’ll be able to find them.

  1. Spherical Mirrors

As the name suggests, spherical mirrors come in shapes that resemble pieces cut out of some spherical shape. Among the most popular types of spherical mirrors are convex mirrors and concave mirrors.

Whenever you stand or place an object close to the mirror, the reflection appears magnified. The images may also appear farther away than the actual distance.

You can use these types of mirrors as accent mirrors, vanity mirrors, coasters, bath bars, globes, and in your jewelry box.

  1. Customized Mirrors

Custom mirrors come in just about any design you can imagine. That’s because they’re designed to fit your specific needs and preferences.

You can have customized decorative bathroom mirrors if you so wish, or go for a backsplash made entirely out of custom mirrors to add a unique touch to your kitchen. You could also order mirrors with specialized frames that help accent specific features in your bedroom. The choices are endless.

When it comes to colors, some manufacturers provide a vast array of options for you to choose from. You can also pick any size or shape you fancy.

You Can Always Find Decorative Mirrors That Suit Your Needs

No wall decor is complete without a thoughtfully-picked decorative mirror. These mirrors can quickly upgrade the appearance of an otherwise drab space, whether it’s your living room or your office. And with decorative mirrors coming in so many options, you can always find something that works best for you.

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