Best Companies For Student Employment In Boston


With Boston being the 25th most populous city in the U.S., it is no wonder why it could be such a drag to find company jobs. Companies, these days, are strict with their employee requirements, and if you are looking to start a business career, you have to prepare adequately before searching for jobs.

Every company is on the lookout for employees with the suitable skill set for the job, and as long as a prospective employee meets all the requirements, they would be chosen. As students who are just about to launch their career, adequate care should be taken to ensure every rule is properly followed to ensure you give yourself a good chance to succeed.

Top Companies For Students Employment

Before going into the available companies and their open vacancies, it is important to note that the market has changed. Asides from a great CV/Resume, many employers have now made the need to write application essays very important. This is why, before sending out any job application, you should seek assistance by looking through the websites to help with essays across the internet.

Employers request these essays as a means of testing the communication skills of prospects, and whether or not the position is related to writing, you would need to tender a perfect article to qualify for it. This is why you need proper guidance, in order to pen the essay while carefully highlighting the skills and assets you could bring to the company.

With that said, here are a few companies in Boston where a student can start their professional careers:

Bain & Company

This firm is a management consultancy located in Massachusetts. They are a culturally inclusive company with diverse employee ethnic backgrounds, allowing for unique perspectives in their working system.

An opportunity in this company would provide you with a collaborative environment to make the best and direct impact on the people and organization. As a prospect, you are expected to have intellectual curiosity, creativity, a positive attitude, and exceptional customer service. The average worker earns about $100,00 per year.


  • Senior associate
  • Human Resources specialist
  • IT Supported
  • Vendor relationship manager

Eversource Energy

This firm is looking for a person who knows how to put useful effort into their work, exhibit and demonstrate the value of teamwork. Eversource is a Fortune 500 company offering retail electricity, natural gas, and water services to millions of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire customers.


  • Representative; Call center
  • Analyst; Renewable programs
  • Transportation analyst
  • Gas construction specialist
  • Lead engineer, project solutions

As part of the Fortune 500 employees, not only should you be motivated by long-term partnership outcomes, you should also be able to use your talents and knowledge to make an impact in the entire organization.

Corvus Insurance

In this company, Corvus deals with your smart, commercial insurance products and policies. They employ machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques in the analysis of data as obtained from new sources. With this Al-driven data, brokers and policyholders should be able to predict and prevent future risks.


  • Product designer
  • IT Coordinator intern


Nuance is the pioneer of conversational artificial intelligence that brings innovation and intelligence to every work and life. If you are looking to get a high paying job after college, then this is a great option. AI, when used properly, improves security and productivity. As a technology company, Nuance works to amplify such functions.

Founded in 1992, Nuance can boast of over 800 local employees in Burlington. Perks you will likely enjoy as one of the members are remote work, diversity program, flexible spending account, and child care benefits.


  • Brand and creative intern


HubSpot is a leading inbound marketing, sales, and CRM threat stack with over 61 thousand clients across different countries, who use their software and professional services to transport, support, and grow their business.

While their DevOps teams build software that powers websites for small to medium-sized businesses, the other teams weave connections, careers, and growth. Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are a core part of this firm.


  • Sales Intern


This is one of the leading global leaders for retail brands. And as a student, it might be a great place for you. They sell men, women, and children’s clothing online and in physical stores located across the country.

Zara works with trends and is currently changing its market models to suit the needs of its customers. Employees want someone passionate about helping people, curious, dynamic, and confident enough to contribute ideas. They would love it if you have had previous work experiences, but you are also welcome if you have none.


  • Sales Assistant
  • Cashier
  • Stockroom associate

Barnes And Noble

This is a retail environment that sells everything, from textbooks and trade books to technology, school supplies, everything you might need in college. There is an opening in the finance team, and it is expected that as a prospect, you should be a skillful problem solver and have the ability to handle cash properly.


  • Bookseller — Finance Officer

Perceptive Automata

This is a modern company that specializes in Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and even transportation. With a total of 34 local operators, and 45 global ones, you can be sure you would be getting into an organization that is culturally inclusive and diversified across the nation.

This organization offers 100% premium health paid insurance, free catered lunch everyday, and flexible WFH practices.


  • Operations
  • Software engineering intern
  • Product marketing manager
  • Innovation product manager
  • Senior web developer

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Here, the industry’s best and brightest work together to achieve a mission of discovering transformative medicines to help patients with serious diseases. They believe in the science of possibility in producing new cures to improve lives. Here, you will also work with leading professionals and public health experts, giving you first hand experience and ideas to kickstart your career.


  • Quality control specialist
  • Stem Cell researcher
  • Biomarker operations


This is a leading developer of mathematical software. MATLAB is the language of computer scientists, and in this incorporation, it would be used to analyze and visualize algorithms. Since its creation in 1984, MathWorks has employed over 5000 people in 16 different countries. Their goal is to change the world view about mathematics, data science, and also provide the right environment for its progression amongst people.


  • Software engineer
  • Associate data analyst


Getting employment can be a little difficult in a market that is already saturated with prospects. To stand out, you need a good CV and to set yourself ahead of the others. Before leaving college, you can start applying for jobs. Even minor appointments can work together in getting you your dream appointment because every experience counts in the long run.


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