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Best Paying Jobs in Tech

The tech industry is booming, and job opportunities are expanding in response. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that computer software engineers, software developers, and other similarly skilled professionals will continue to see explosive growth over the next decade.

These high-demand jobs are also some of the best paying in tech – especially when you aren’t fresh out of college or trade school.

When you’re ready to take your career to the next level and launch your tech career as a full-time job instead of a side gig, it helps to know which fields offer the most significant opportunity for advancement and compensation.

Read on now for more information about the best paying jobs in tech.

QA Tester

When working in tech quality assurance testers are responsible for testing the functionality and performance of a product or service to ensure it meets its requirements. They’re also responsible for helping to define those requirements.

You don’t have to be an expert programmer to excel at the role if you’re asking yourself how to get a job in tech. You have to be able to follow instructions, test the functionality of a product, and identify any bugs or issues.

You’ll also be expected to break down your findings and report your progress to the development team. This is a crucial part of the job because it helps development teams identify issues or bugs and create patches for them before releasing the product to the public.

If this sounds like something, you will enjoy taking a QA testing course to learn more.

Computer Programmers

Computer programmers write the code that instructs computers to do things. They may write code for computer software, websites, or apps, but they all follow the same basic process:

  • Write a program
  • Debug the code to remove any errors

Most programmers start as software engineers, writing code for computer systems, software, or apps, while others write code for websites. There are many different types of programmers, each with a different skill set.

Data Scientists

Data scientists use data and statistics to identify:

  • Trends
  • Create forecasts
  • Identify problems in business or industry

They’re data scientists and use complex computer programs and algorithms to produce data-driven results.

In fact, according to the BLS, data scientists earn an average annual salary of $131,000. With such a high salary and high demand for data scientists, it might seem like this is an excellent career for any aspiring tech professional.

However, data scientists must be extremely skilled in:

  • Programming languages
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics

Information Security Experts

Information security analysts protect businesses from hackers and cyber threats. This is done by:

  • Implementing security software
  • Managing network security systems
  • Performing daily security audits

They are experts in internet security, firewalls, and computer systems.
They’re expected to secure information while meeting industry regulations and private data.

Here Are the Best Paying Jobs in Tech

Since the tech industry is growing and demand for tech employees is expected to increase, now is a great time to transition into a tech career. With so many best paying jobs in tech to choose from, you’ll find it easier than ever to find a job that suits you and your skill set.

If you’re ready to transition into a tech career, start by identifying which types of jobs you’re interested in.

Don’t hesitate to plug in and connect to some of the other posts in this section to learn more about tech careers.

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