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How Is Gold Formed? Where Does It Come From?

Gold is rarer than diamonds, despite the fact that diamonds are more expensive.

The reason is that diamonds are highly advertised as the best jewelry and are mostly monopolized. The big companies get to set the price of diamonds and how much is supplied. Additionally, it’s impossible to create gold, while diamonds, on the other hand, can be created in the lab using carbon.

But if it’s impossible to make, how is gold formed? Perhaps you want to learn more about gold because you’re interested in investing, and want to discover its uses. We know gold is found by mining on the surface of the earth, but where exactly does it come from?

Continue reading if you want to learn more about how gold is formed and where it came from.

Why Is Gold So Important?

Before diving deeper into how gold is formed, we must learn why it plays such an important role in the world. Although ancient Egyptians used gold to represent royalty in 3,000 BCE, gold was used as a form of currency as far back as 564 BCE in the kingdom of Lydia (modern-day Turkey). Even today, countries hold tons of gold as monetary reserves.

Not only is gold used for currency and jewelry, but it’s used in our everyday lives. Gold was used to create the device you’re reading this article on. You can find gold in anything related to electronics such as circuit boards (for computers and cellphones), catalytic converters, and airplanes.

Gold benefits all electronics due to its ability to conduct heat so well. Because of this reason, astronauts and space equipment utilize gold to resist heat and protect against UV rays coming from the sun.

Additionally, because gold is so important, people are into gold investing. Since gold is always needed in anything involving technology, it makes for an excellent investment that has a good history of keeping up with the global economy.

Read more about gold and learn the importance of investing in gold. You can follow gold tips and gold guides this way, and learn more.

How Is Gold Formed? Where Is It From?

Like everything else that created this planet, gold came from the void of space. But it’s not as simple as that. Lots of minerals and elements come from space, but gold is very scarce in the universe.

How so?

As gold has an atomic mass of about 197 and an atomic number of 79, it makes this metal very hefty and difficult to create – hence its rarity. Gold is so rare in the universe that the only way to produce gold is from gamma-ray bursts caused by supernovas. It’s believed that the gold we have right now was from asteroids colliding into Earth during its early time of formation billions of years ago.

So doesn’t that mean there should be a vast amount of gold for people to obtain?

Yes, but not quite. Most of that gold went into the earth’s core, with the excess staying on the crust. But even then, our technology is still not advanced enough to handle the job while gold is still rare to find.

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So how is gold formed? Gold comes from supernovas and isn’t able to be produced like other common metals we’re used to. This makes it very rare and valuable.

Additionally, this makes gold very important. It’s used in our everyday lives. It benefits us in space travel and communications – we wouldn’t be able to make phone calls without satellites, which also use gold!

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