Do Septum Piercings Close? What You Need To Know


The septum piercing is coming back strong. Have you seen Willow Smith and Zoë Kravitz lately?

It’s one of the rarer trends that didn’t die with the ’90s but has seen a revival with the new generation of celebrities.

Nostril piercings, formerly frowned upon, are now among the most popular cosmetic procedures available. Numerous celebrities (including Jessica Biel, Lady Gaga, and FKA Twigs) have dabbled with this kind of body art. However, there’s so much to learn about septum piercings. For example, you might wonder “do septum piercings close?”

Keep on reading for our full breakdown of everything you need to know about getting a nose piercing.

What Is a Septum Piercing?

When it comes to nose piercings, septum piercings are exactly what they sound like. Your septum is a thin wall of cartilage that separates your right and left nostrils by running down the middle of your nose.

Although the piercer will “pierce” the cartilage of the septum, it shouldn’t penetrate it. The softer tissue right below the septum should be used to guide it. Those who perform piercings call it “the sweet spot.”

You’ll also want an expert piercer if you have a deviated septum. Since it might appear weird if it’s pierced incorrectly. There are two ways you may go about piercing a septum: either by hand or by utilizing a receiving tube and clamps.

The Degree of Pain and Duration of Healing

The agony of a septum piercing varies from person to person, but it is certain to make you cry. There is nothing wrong with shedding tears when your nose is squeezed or pierced; it’s a normal bodily reaction.

According to customers’ experiences, the needle is out and the jewelry is transferred, and then everything relaxes and proceeds to a warmer sensation.

After eight weeks, your piercing will feel substantially better, but it will take four to six months for the majority of the healing to take place. It might take up to a year or more for scar tissue to fully heal, so it’s best not to wear new jewelry until that happens.

The Cost of Septum Piercings

The cost of a septum piercing varies greatly depending on where you have it done and where you live in the United States.

Yet, you should anticipate spending between $40 and $100 for this service.

Aftercare Protocol

In terms of post-piercing care, Lamb recommends following the normal procedure. After showering twice a day, pat the piercing dry; avoid picking or twisting the piercing, and do not bang it.

During the aftercare phase, you should make adjustments to your skincare regimen as well. Soaps and moisturizers should be used sparingly around the piercing while cleaning or hydrating the skin. Things like cleansers, lotions, and moisturizers may go into the piercing if you’re not careful. While bathtubs and hot tubs may be breeding grounds for germs, we advise against using them.

Even after the piercing has healed, there is no need to change your skincare regimen. No matter where the piercing is, it shouldn’t be subjected to frequent product application.

The Complications of Septum Piercings: Infections and Scarring

Infection is the main risk when a piercing is healing. Keep an eye out for pus, swelling, or discomfort. An infection might be a possible cause of the symptoms.

You may want to avoid having your septum pierced at particular times of the year if you suffer from seasonal allergies or are susceptible to colds. The good news for individuals who suffer from hay fever is that blowing your nose is really rather easy. You may wish to avoid a septum piercing entirely if you suffer from severe allergies or are susceptible to sinus infections.

In addition, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the scarring and granulation of tissue.

Many individuals mistakenly believe that the bumps that grow at the location of a nasal piercing are scar tissue. The healing process has overreacted owing to the nose’s surroundings and the jewelry. Scarring is another possibility.

For How Long Does the Healing Process Take?

It’s important to keep your piercing clean and dry at all times, just as you would with any other body piercing. Because of the positioning of the spray, there are also a number of suitable saline solution sprays available. Soak the tip of your nose in gently salted water.

It’ll feel a bit odd at first, but it does the trick.

Small amounts of white discharge are quite normal, but yellow or green pus indicates an infection in your piercing. As long as you follow the aftercare instructions provided by your piercer, your piercing should last for years to come.

Do Septum Piercings Close?

It all depends on how long you’ve had the piercing. When the piercing has been in for more than a few months, it is possible that the hole may never heal completely.

It will, of course, shrink considerably, and the piercing’s location makes it unlikely that anybody will ever notice the hole.

Changing Your Septum Piercing Jewelry

Your septum jewelry may be outdated after you’ve had it for a few months or even a few years, and you may be considering changing it out for something more in keeping with the bullnose-piercing appearance. Consider returning to your piercer and having them walk you through the process, or if you prefer, you may do it at home and it shouldn’t be that difficult.

Simply unscrew a ball and slip it out of your original septum jewelry. Think about going back to the piercer and having them tighten it up a little bit more. When it comes to jewelry, there are a variety of options, so it’s best to get assistance from a professional.

Before inserting the bar, make sure your hands and jewelry are clean and disinfected. In order to discover the hole, you may have to lower your head a little bit or try a few times. Other types of rings and bars follow the same principles.

What Kind of Jewelry Is Used for Septum Piercings?

You have ones with hoop-hinged closure, those can spring open and click shut, allowing the wearer to insert and remove the hoop with ease and precision.

Closed hoops may be easily customized by adding various stones and other features to the outside rim.

Circular barbell jewelry may be inserted into a septum piercing and flipped up to cover the jewelry without having to remove it from the piercing.

Keep in mind that starter jewelry may be as tiny as 18 gauge, but 16 and 14 gauge are considerably more suited to a larger nose. If desired, the piercing may be made bigger by stretching it.

Jewelry Materials

Hypoallergenic stainless steel is one of the safest metals to use in a piercing, especially if you’ve been suffering from a nickel allergy.

Titanium is a popular choice for nose rings since it is hypoallergenic and also quite durable. As a rule, titanium is more expensive than other metals. If you have rather sensitive skin, and you’ve had previous issues with other metals, then niobium can be a good option for you. The likelihood of a response is modest, and the price is often about midrange and affordable.

What Size Septum Ring Do I Need?

When it comes to septum piercings, ring size counts. Choosing the right ring or horseshoe for your nose is a matter of personal preference based on the shape and size of your nose.

Having a nose that isn’t perfectly symmetrical might give you an unnatural look. Initially, ask your piercer for their opinion on how it will appear. Put in a piece of jewelry to see whether you truly like it and if you want it before making a final decision on whether or not to buy it.

What to Do Before Your Appointment

Research wisely. Ask around for recommendations from people who’ve had successful septum piercings in the past. Make sure the individual who does your piercing is legitimate in order to protect the health of your piercing and your general satisfaction with your new appearance.

Ask around about the location you’re going to have it done. The piercing is tough, so do some research on the piercers you’re considering. You should make sure they have done it previously and check their portfolio. Ensure that it is done correctly.

Becoming Cool-er: The Septum Ring Edition

Figuring out how painful is it to get a septum piercing and other nuances of getting a nose piercing can be overwhelming for those who are new to the world of body art.

In that case, you may reconsider which type of piercing should you get and then book an appointment Angel numbers

Hopefully, our guide has shed some light on how septum piercings work and answ

ered your question of “do septum piercings close or not?”

And, if you liked reading our article and you’re looking for additional explainers and tips about taking care of your piercings, then you’ll want to check out our fashion and beauty sections.


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