The 5 Best Sneaker Shoelaces of 2021


Are you tired of your old shoelaces?

We understand the importance of making your sneakers look the best they possibly can do. Your street cred is at risk, right? Not only that, but you want something that can be used on casual sneakers as well as running shoes, and is super high quality.

If you love sneakers, then we know it can be a pain when your old shoelace breaks or gets too dirty from wearing them so often. That’s we recommend getting new ones as soon as possible!

Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got your back. Keep reading to see this year’s must-have shoelaces.

1. Super Lock Shoelaces by NylonLock

Just like the previous pair of shoelaces, these also self-lock but they were designed more for sports rather than casual wear due to their 11 eyelet design. However, if you are into sports then don’t hesitate to try out these laces.

You can get them in four different colors and they measure at 52 inches, making them also longer than usual. They work best on high top sneakers such as Adidas Yeezy Boosts or Nike Air Maxes. You can get a pack of two laces from Amazon for $13-$17.

2. Athletic Shoelaces by NylonLock

One of the best parts about these shoelaces is the fact that they self-lock so there’s no need for knots anymore. This means that all you have to do is put them in your sneakers and lace them up once.

You can get them in four different colors so you will always be able to match any color of your shoes. They measure at 55 inches which means that they are longer than usual, so they work wonders on high-top sneakers such as Adidas Yeezy Boosts or Nike Air Maxes. You can get a pack of two laces from Amazon for $13-$17.

3. Elastic Shoelaces by Pedsland

Do you want to change your shoelaces but you don’t feel like actually replacing them? You should give these elastic laces from Pedsland a try. You won’t even have to tie them, so you just put them in your sneakers and lace them up once.

You can get them in twelve different colors and four sizes (40, 60, 80, or 120 cm). They come with rubber tips to make sure that they stay in place. Depending on your foot size you will need between one and two pairs of laces.

They are made for ballet shoes but they also look great on sneakers like Nike Roshe Runs, Adidas Ultra Boosts, or Air Maxes. You can get a pack of two laces from Amazon for $10-$15.

If you’re looking for fresh new shoelaces, we recommend checking out They have everything you need to make sure your sneaker is looking brand-new, even when they’re 10 years old!

4. Flat Chunky Shoelace by Offspring

These chunky shoelaces come in a range of colors so you should have no problem matching your favorite kicks from Adidas, Nike, Converse, etcetera. You can get a pack of two laces from either Amazon or eBay for only around $10-$15.

They are made of polyester material and they come with a wax coating for your convenience. They measure 45 inches long and 1/4 inch wide, which means that they can fit most sneakers and other flat shoes as well.

What we love the most about them is the fact that they look especially trendy on chunky sneakers such as Adidas Yeezy Boosts or Nike Air Maxes .

5. White Athletic Shoelaces

Every sneaker needs a fresh pair of white laces and these by Nike are a great option. They have an 8-9 eyelet design, so they will work well on almost any sneakers out there. What makes them unique is their ability to never fade when they get wet, so feel free to wear them in the rain or use water with them. However, keep in mind that if you plan on putting them through the washer, then eventually they will fade.

The other thing that makes them special is the fact that they are hygienic, which means that they will not get smelly easily and you won’t have to worry about bad bacteria getting on your feet. They were designed for sports but feel free to use them with sneakers as well.

You can get a pack of two laces from Amazon or eBay for cheap.

Want to Know More About Sneaker Shoelaces?

Shoelaces are not something hard to replace but if you want to make sure that you put the best pair of shoelaces into your shoes then follow the guide above. There is a wide variety of options so don’t hesitate to try out all kinds of designs until you find the ones that fit perfectly!

And you can rest easy knowing our team has tested and reviewed each product on this list thoroughly. We know how important it is to get high-quality products at affordable prices so we only recommend items that are worth your time and money. If there ever was a time to buy new laces, now would be it!

We truly hope you have found this list of the best sneaker shoelaces for 2021 to be helpful. If you’d like more help finding the best shoelaces for sneakers, and learning how to tie sneaker shoelaces correctly, please visit our blog now.

Also, please don’t forget to share this article with any of your friends or family who may be looking into getting a new pair of sneakers. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!


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