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How to Achieve the Skater Style

Skateboarding has been going in and out of style since the 1960s. You love the way that cool skaters look in popular teen movies and television shows, right? They look so casual and carefree, but that style is more intentional and curated than you might think.

So how do you get that skater style if you’ve never so much as picked up a skateboard? When you finally do your first kick-flip, will it just fall into place?

Let’s talk about it. Whether you’re a total poser or simply an unstylish skater, read on to learn about following skater trends in fashion.

Skater Shirts

When it comes to skater clothes, you don’t want to wear shirts that would get in the way of your skating session. Nothing too heavy, bulky, or long will be appropriate. Even if you’re skating in winter, you can find yourself overheating.

Skater shirts tend to be slightly baggy. T-shirts, thin long-sleeve tops, and tank tops are the most popular options.

Band t-shirts, especially rock and punk bands, are classic for skateboarders, but you can also wear anything that looks a bit “grungy” and “cool.” For example, baht.store has plenty of sports-style shirts that would go great with your skater-style ‘fit.

Skater Shoes

Shoes can make or break your skateboarding apparel.

If you actually want to skate instead of just copying skater fashion, shoes are even more important. Remember, your shoes have to have enough grip to keep you safe (within reason) on the board.

Skater shoes tend to be flat on the bottom. Vans and Converse are popular, but any brand will work as long as the bottoms are flat.

While black and white are common colors (after all, they go with everything), many people love jazzing up their outfits with bright and vibrant unique shoes.

Pants, Jeans, or Skirts?

Most people choose to wear shorts while they’re skating. You won’t sacrifice any mobility, it’s easy to strap on your skater gear over it (like knee pads, for example), and you’ll stay nice and cool.

Jeans are also popular. Loose-fitting jeans (often with rips, perhaps as a result of wipeouts) are great for skating, as are comfortable joggers if it’s a cold day.

You can wear skirts while skating, but we recommend wearing leggings or shorts underneath. Stick with flowier and shorter skirts so they don’t restrict your movement too much. Make sure to protect your legs with kneepads and shin guards (or socks with built-in shin guards).


So what about accessories?

Well, speaking of socks, many skaters choose to get creative with their footwear. It’s common to see people with “fun” and unique socks even with plain skater shoes.

Hats (beanies and caps, mostly) are also popular for skaters. Keep your hair under control and your face safe from the sun (or cold)!

Develop Your Own Skater Style

Skater trends are too cool for school. Start shopping for your own personal skater style so you can join in on the trend! While you’re at it, learn how to skateboard so you don’t look like a total poser.

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