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Your Guide to Fun and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Sports Fans

Last year, nearly 60 million Americans watched live sports at least once per month, and this number is expected to rise in the coming years!

With so many high-quality streaming services, the return of in-person games, and athletes competing like they never have before, it’s no surprise that the number of sports fans is increasing.

If you have been struggling to think of a gift idea for a friend or family member, you don’t need to look any further than the team they are rooting for. There are dozens of fun and unique sports-themed gifts that will have them smiling all year long!

If you are interested in learning about thoughtful gift ideas for sports fans, then keep reading. We’re covering it all here!

Sports Memorabilia Galore

For people that have been die-hard sports fans since childhood, a thoughtful gift idea is to get sports memorabilia from one of their favorite games!

Think of vintage baseball trading cards, signed footballs, or autographed jerseys.

A gift of sports memorabilia will immediately transport the gift receiver back to that special sports memory they have and make them feel elated every time they see it.

Sports History Books

One thoughtful gift to give a mega-fan of a specific team is a sports history book!

A history book will allow them to relive all of the highlights. You can go the route of a written book all about that specific sports team, or you can purchase a book made up of all the newspaper clippings about that specific team!

Check out this New York Mets Newspaper Book as an example. If the sports fan in your life is all about the stats, this is the perfect gift for them.

Framed Paper

If there is one sports memory that stands out that you want to highlight for a friend, then try framing a newspaper article from the specific event!

For example, a World Series or Super Bowl win headline would be perfect in a nice glass frame.

Where to Find Authentic Sports Memorabilia?

One of the tricky things about purchasing sports memorabilia is checking for authenticity.

A helpful place to start looking and bidding for 100% authentic memorabilia is at Pristine Auction.

There, you are able to find helmets, jerseys, autographs, and more that are guaranteed authentic.

Customizable Sports Gifts

Next up we have the king of thoughtful sports gift ideas: customizable sports items!

Nothing will make your gift receiver happier than knowing you put in the extra thought and time to get them a gift they love with a little personal twist on it.

Customizable Jersey

Perhaps one of the most popular customizable sports items to give as a gift is a customized jersey. This is a safe gift to get someone if you aren’t personally knowledgeable about sports. All you need to get a fabulous customizable jersey is your recipient’s favorite team and their last name!

They will love being able to put that personalized jersey on at home while they are rooting for their favorite team.

Sports Coasters

The mark of a good gift is to give someone something they wouldn’t give themselves, but that can still be used in everyday life.

A simple, inexpensive, and considerate gift you can give someone is a personalized sports coaster.

There is no end to the creativity that can be used here – it’s a blank canvas! You can find sports coasters that have anything on them from sports trivia to the team logo.

Our personal favorites are these understated coasters that have plays written out on them. They carry playbook coasters for a variety of sports including hockey, football, baseball, soccer, and basketball.

Repurposed Sports Gear

In line with sports memorabilia and customizable sports gifts, you are able to buy incredible repurposed sports gear as a gift!

Repurposing sports gear into something thoughtful has a way of making people feel even closer to the sport. This is the type of gift they will be able to enjoy subtly for everyday use, not just on game day!

Baseball Necklace

For the women in your life, something simple and elegant like a baseball necklace is the perfect gift. The seam of a baseball is one of the most iconic and nostalgic emblems within the sport’s repertoire. Although is it iconic, it is still understated enough to wear with many colors and a variety of different outfits.

This treasure of a gift can be worn to upscale events as well as to the stadium.

Repurposed Football Stadium Seats

Another clever gift idea is to utilize repurposed football stadium seats! This gift will transport the recipient to the last time they were at their favorite stadium cheering their team on.

Wood is a classic accent material that can be incorporated into a man’s daily wardrobe. It is also subtle enough to be worn with more elevated looks such as with a suit or other black-tie attire.

Check out this authentic football stadium relic watch with brown and wood tones. The watch is made from the salvaged seats of some of the most iconic stadiums in the United States!

Another one of our favorite accessories made from this material is these stand-out stadium relic cufflinks.

Uniform Wallet

A wallet is a staple gift for the guys in your life, so why not elevate it a little bit?

A subtle way to do this is with a wallet that has a game-used uniform as the lining on the inside of the wallet. That way it’s like the gift recipient’s little secret rather than having the logo of the team flashing on the outside. Every time they go to withdraw a bill they’ll be able to think of their favorite team.

Sports Gifts for the Grill

The only thing that comes close to watching your team win a championship game is enjoying a tailgate with other sports fans right before!

Sports make us think of grilling, tailgating, Super Bowl party snacks, stadium hot dogs, and more! The connection of sports to food is something that you can’t miss.

That’s why we’ve collected these great sports-themed gifts that you can use while you’re enjoying your game-day snacks!


An apron is a perfect gift for whoever is the grill master of the family. They’ll be able to wear this on game day while they’re cooking up some barbecue to enjoy with everyone. If you have a sports fan in your life who doubles as a cook, then look no further than this gift idea.

Grill Set

Going along with the grill theme, purchasing a customized grill set for your friend is a practical way to show someone that you care! You can get a fork, tong, and spatula set (that doubles as bottle openers) customized with your favorite football team’s name and logo.

Grilling with this set on game day is sure to bring some good luck to your team!

Glasses and Tumblers

Another gift that your friend will use every day to show off their team spirit is a tumbler, glass, or shot glass with their team’s logo on it.

Everyone always needs an extra water bottle, coffee mug, and to-go cup so this is an inexpensive and thoughtful way to show that you care.

Sports Fan Gift Ideas for Kids

There is nothing like watching a young kid absolutely fall in love with sports. Luckily, this is an easy interest to foster with all the great sports-themed items out there!

Sports Equipment

The most practical gift to get a kid that is involved in sports is more sports equipment!

Helmets, gloves, cleats, hats, bats— you name it! These are all going to be used and loved by a kid that enjoys playing the game.

Trading Cards

Do you remember the feeling of opening up a pack of baseball or basketball trading cards when you were a kid? Learning all about the players, trading, and saving a card collection is a wonderful childhood pastime that will grow in value as they get older.

The Most Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Sports Fans

There you have it — a comprehensive list of the most thoughtful gift ideas for sports fans in your life!

The special thing about sports is that it creates a community for all of its fans. When you share a thoughtful sports-themed gift with your friend, they are able to keep the happy memories going with their team.

As you can see, there is no shortage of creative, thoughtful, and customizable gifts for the sports fan in your life. Whether your budget is $5 or $500, there is something that will make the friend in your life smile as they open their gift!

If you are interested in other lifestyle tips, be sure to check out the other articles on our page!

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