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How to Choose the Best Learning Center Daycare

By age five, a child’s brain is 90% fully developed. Those first five years are crucial to building a child’s neural connections, influencing future success. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right learning center daycare.

A learning center daycare will provide social, emotional, and cognitive lessons and opportunities for a child’s growth. They also help children develop their fine and gross motor skills.

To learn more about learning center daycare, read the guide below.

Types of Daycare

There are a few different types of daycare preschool, and each has its own unique benefits and limitations. These types include:

  • Preschool programs
  • School-age programs
  • Family childcare homes
  • Childcare centers

Of these options, a family childcare home is the only one offered in a residential setting. This option typically has a smaller child-to-teacher ratio than the other options. It can also be more flexible as it is not a large company.

However, family childcare homes often do not need to meet regular childcare centers’ strict health and safety requirements.

Research Online

Once you decide upon the type of childcare, it’s time to conduct some online research on the local options in your community. A simple Google search or Google Maps search will display a list of childcare options near you. You will also pull up Google reviews, so carefully read through all of those.

While scrutinizing the website of each daycare, make sure to look for accreditation from one of the following:

  • National Early Childhood Program
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • National Accreditation Commission for Early Care Education Programs

A good daycare will have at least one of these accreditations, while the best daycare learning center will have several.

Word of Mouth

In addition to online research, another good way to learn about the best daycare for infants or children is to ask for word-of-mouth recommendations. Post on social media or ask friends and family directly. Even your pediatrician may have an idea of the best childcare in your area.

Contact the Daycare

Before making a final decision, call your top choices to narrow down your options. Through email or a phone call, ask a few important questions to determine if visiting that facility is worth your time. Those questions might be about:

  • The cost
  • The curriculum
  • Discipline policies
  • Parent visitation
  • Lateness and flexibility
  • Methods of communication
  • The child-to-teacher ratio
  • First aid and CPR certification
  • Immunization requirements
  • Potty-training procedures
  • Pick-up and drop-off procedure
  • Meal requirements and allergy procedure
  • Length of employment for current staff

The answer to these questions should reduce the list a bit. After this step, contact the finalists to arrange a visit to their facilities. While there, keep an eye out for red flags like an unclean or unsafe classroom environment.

Preparing for a Learning Center Daycare

Attending a learning center daycare, no matter how professional, can be a shock for some children. It’s essential for parents to prepare their children long before they drop them off. This preparation begins with establishing morning and night routines.

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