Top 5 Reasons to Go to Kenya on December Global Holidays


December Global Holidays follow Kwanzaa festival which is the main highlight of this month. This is a traditional African festival that highlights the life of the Ngonzama or Moon Generation people who are said to have been the original inhabitants of Kenya. The December holidays are also referred to as theulu week in Africa. This article gives you information on December global holidays to Kenya.

The first thing that one has to do before choosing December global holidays to travel to Nairobi or even Mombasa for that matter is to know what exactly entices them about these cities. What makes these places special and what are the things they can offer tourists? The answer to this question may surprise you. Nairobi in particular is well-known for its scenery especially with the Victoria Falls and the Masai Mara National Park. Most visitors however do not get to experience the wildlife in these areas so most try to book flights to Kenya first.

A second reason to choose a city such as Nairobi when planning a safari or any other sort of December global holidays is the fact that Mombasa is very near to it. Both these cities offer tourists an easy way to reach the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Visitors may even be tempted to spend part of their holidays at the famous Mt. Kenya National Park which is another great destination when on a holiday in Kenya.

The third thing that makes October and November holidays interesting in Kenya is the fact that there are various Jewish festivals celebrated. Some of them include the second Temple pilgrimage and Purim which is also celebrated in October. One of the most important holidays celebrated in both of these cities is the Mombasa Gay Pride which is celebrated in October. It is also one of the most popular events of the entire year.

The fourth reason to visit Nairobi and Mombasa on December 26 January 1st is the fact that they are two of the most important cities in the country where one can easily plan for the traditional African music concerts. These concerts are attended by tourists as well as famous singers who are internationally acclaimed. The famous singers include Paul Simon and Elton John who come to Kenya to perform for the first time ever at the National Stadium. There is a huge amount of excitement in watching the music concerts both online and from ground. Most visitors stay until the early hours and watch the dance performances, traditional African music and other exciting events.

Another reason to choose a city like Nairobi when planning for a safari or any other sort of December global holidays is the religious people living in the area. The Masai tribe are considered to be very respected religious people. They follow a very traditional lifestyle and they are known for their skills in embroidery. They are also known for their skills in livestock farming and they raise cattle. Visitors are welcomed warmly by the Masai and they even offer them food during the holidays.

The fifth reason to go to Mombasa on December 26th is the Great Kenyapee Tournament. This is another good reason to go on safari during the holidays. This particular tournament is organized by the Great Kenyapee Lodge and is held every December and draws tourists from around the globe to be a part of this exciting event.

Visitors from the United Kingdom can go on a Safari Holiday in Kenya and experience the thrill of hunting big game animals like elephants, lions, leopards and buffaloes. They can even join in the professional competitions organized in Nairobi. December is also the time of the world’s biggest Christmas festival when people from all over the globe come together to celebrate the occasion. It is the main celebration that takes place in Kenya and is celebrated with great zeal by the people of the country.


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